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I Broke 80!

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Well I finally did it. Went out yesterday with my girlfriends stepdad and had a GREAT round.

Played the back nine first and was 1 under through 4. Then I topped my tee shot on a par 3 and ended up with a double - 1 over through 5 - still happy with my score. Bogied the next hole ( 3 putt...missed a 2 foot par putt.... ) and then parred out for 38. Was secretly excited about my round.

Back nine was O.K. Started off with another 3 putt bogey again missing from around 3 feet...kinda annoying, but went out with a 41 after hitting my tee shot on the 18th into water and double bogeying the hole.

Despite my two 3 putts, I was putting well ( 33 putts ) - but sunk a couple of par putts from 10 feet. Five 1 putts, four of them to save par, one for a birdie from around 4 feet on a par 3.

My driver was good ( only hit 4 fairways ) but my misses were only just off the fairway, in first cut. My irons were GREAT. Distance control was right on and have myself plenty of birdie chances but never made the putt. Hit 10 greens.

Stepdad shot 78 so we had a good battle. Not only did I break 80, got back down into single digits and fixed my blocks ( started rotating completely through my shots with my chest pointing at target, no more blocks! )



Feeling good about my game. Can NOT WAIT to go out and play again, sink some of those birdies I missed and shoot a new personal best

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Awesome job... it's great whenever you can break down one of those score barriers!  I remember the first time I broke 100... it was great and I'm so close to breaking 90 now... hopefully this time next year I'll be talking about breaking 80 (although those are high hopes).

Anyways, congrats on the accomplishment.

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Note: This thread is 3659 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • My goodness, you aren't kidding. For those who don't see the article for whatever reason:  there's a list of the top 25 fastest times ever recorded in the women's 1,500 meter freestyle swim.  Katie Ledecky owns spots 1-13, and also spots 15, 17, 18, 22, and 25.   The closest thing to that I can think of offhand is in threes.  Tiger Woods owns the top three season-long strokes gained: approach ever recorded (granted, these have only been recorded in, I believe, the Shotlink era), and at one point (up until a few years ago), Kurt Warner threw the most yards ever in a Super Bowl, but was also in second and third place on that list. 
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    • Day 28: Long day at work, so not much time left for golf practice today. Managed some work on downswing priority piece, hit 10 balls, 7-iron, lots of rehearsals between shots. 
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    • It is also acceptable to take relief again, if necessary, from the same cart path for the shot now contemplated.  A common example: cart path is near a boundary object (OB fence) on the left. A right-handed player may take relief for a left-handed shot that has them standing on the cart path and the NPCR for the left handed shot is to the right of the cart path. After taking relief, the player may decide to hit a right-handed shot. But, now standing on the cart path for the right-handed shot, may take relief further to the right of the cart path to allow that shot.  
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