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    • I got an Xbox! The X, not the less powerful one, the S. Waited for the button to become enabled about 15 minutes after being notified of the retailer drop by a Twitter account. Now I'm ready for MSFS, which I think is on Gamepass? It's quite a mess behind the tv with all the cables, now with a PS5, Switch, ATV, 4K player, receiver and HDMI hub. It's going to be a real big mess with the Xbox now. Started playing Disco Elyisum on the PS. Trippy experience so far.
    • Ugh, just noticed my phone typed Rham. I regret the error.
    • I don't take exhibitions into account in evaluating players' careers.
    • Yardage Guide - Sand Valley Get ready for your upcoming Sand Valley adventure! Prepare to Go Low with the Mammoth Dunes yardage guide! Yardage Guide - Mammoth Dunes Get ready for your upcoming Sand Valley adventure! Prepare to Go Low with the Mammoth Dunes yardage guide! In case, like @DaveP043, some of y'all don't want the PDF version. 😄 @Hardspoon you can also pre-buy your logo balls: Golf Ball Shop the Sand Valley Online Store for Sand Valley gift cards, branded apparel, accessories, and gifts.  
    • From the 5 Minutes Daily topic: Hit about 35 balls at Chautauqua before lessons today. The first four or five weren't great, so I really slowed down. I put a little stick between my feet and the ball to feel like my hands traced straight back. I almost felt like the handle went first, and the head stayed down by the ball for a split second, to help cup the left wrist. Then I hinged it up and out away from me, then just hit it. Sometimes after a pause. Lots of straight shots, more divots than usual, good session. The initial takeaway seems to get me a bit more of a divot if I feel my left rib cage work under a little. I think tying those two bits together was good.
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