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    • A co-worker's wife got COVID (tested positive) and he basically didn't social distance at all (even not sleeping in a different bed). He never got symptoms. He never got tested, but what are the odds he didn't catch it with knowing a lot of people didn't show symptoms? He should have gotten tested to decide if he should get the vaccine.  Yea, most fears are unwarranted when looked at from a logical perspective. 
    • I have several friends who have done self-diagnosis saying they "think" they got Covid last year as they described to me a winter cold or flu symptoms.  Any port in a storm.
    • If your doctor says no vaccine, then.... Yea, no self diagnosis please. 
    • A recent Gallop Pole (June 7th) COVID-19 Vaccine-Reluctant in U.S. Likely to Stay That Way Seventy-six percent of U.S. adults report they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or plan to be. One in five adults who do not plan to get vaccinated say they are at least somewhat likely to change their mind.   Basically its still 1) How safe is the vaccine 2) They don't believe they will get seriously ill from the vaccine 3) How fast the vaccine was pushed through (lump this into vaccine safety) 4) Anti-Vaccines 5) They already got COVID and don't see the need to get the vaccine 6) Pre-existing medical condition concerns.     
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