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    • I was watching the John Deere Classic a few weeks back and they were talking about a player (I forget who) who had changed his grip pressure on his putter. He held the putter with a tight grip with his lead (left) hand and a light grip with his right and that he was putting much better. The announcer also mentioned that Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus took this approach. I gave it a shot and I was very pleased with the results. I had been leaving putts short and, with the new grip, I felt that it freed up my right hand a little at impact and I made a more solid strike and was getting to the hole more often. I was on the range a couple of days later with my pro and I mentioned it to him because I thought, if that works with my putter, why not the other clubs? He said he pretty much does that instinctively and I should do it. I started hitting irons with that grip pressure (tight left, right lighter) and was very surprised that it carried over. I felt that little lag with my wrists that I was looking for and was striking the ball better. I have been hitting much better shots recently and my scores reflect it. 
    • 41-39-80 Excruciatingly close to one of my annual goals of breaking 80. I made two early doubles but birdied a difficult 238 yard par 3 on the front. I missed the green on the two par 3's on the back and made bogie on both holes. That was the difference as they can be had with one good mid-iron. But I am very encouraged with my game. I had a soft cap a couple of weeks ago but that is gone and 3 of my last 4 scores are the lowest of the season. Many thanks to my club professional for his guidance. 
    • I’d hit my hybrid on the aggressive line and probably hook it up by the cart path  
    • First off, every golfer will 3 putt, but in your case you indicate it is happening often and it's  good that you have recognized this. I suggest first practice short straight putts (around 5-7 ft) to build your confidence. A good putt will end up within 6 inches of the hole if not made. You can practice indoor or outdoor, with the use of several dimes. Lay the dimes about two feet increments on the line of the putt for visual targets. I like using a laser light indoors which give me a good visual of the ball rolling towards the target. Then after you gain confidence, you should learn to control the speed/distance of the putt. Again, practice (5-7 ft) around the entire hole on a putting green with slope/break. Then practice longer putts (25ft plus) and try to control the distance where you are achieving the putts to stop about 5 feet or less from the target.  My goal is to have putts stop less than 2 feet past the hole on every putt if I do not make them.  
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