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    • Trying to feel more head centered. Also faster hands, almost feels like dropping to ground at A4. Then massive, massive giraffe whoopie and trying for flow feeling from the step drill. Huh, the second swing is almost like that keep right arm straight as possible challenge?  
    • Round Summary... Driver - Tried to keep it short. I didn't feel my arms extend behind me when I really over swing. I probably was still a bit long. Overall, not bad. Direction control was a bit off. Not use to timing it, it got better later in the round. One a few holes, I just hit driver because I wanted to when I shouldn't have. They were stupid lines with high risk and not much reward. I was out of it after taking an 8 on a par 5 (no penalty). Early on the shots were just big pushes right. Then they finally started to straighten out a bit.  Irons - For the full swing shots, pretty decent. Shorter swing feel. Then hands down sooner. Arms felt like they were never stuck behind me. Contact was good.  Distance Wedges - This is a struggle. I need to practice how far back to take the club. I think I take it back similar on each distance, but just vary turn rates and clubhead speed. This gets me in big trouble when anything gets to be around under 75% distance. I need to work on not keeping the left knee flexed so long or saggy into impact.  Pitches - Need more commitment to using some speed. To many were just lazy. This caused contact issue, mostly slightly fat. Its slightly better.  Putting - Not making anything, speed control was good. Tap ins on every hole. Contact is inconsistent, I still heel to many putts.  Ended up shooting a 44, with an 8. That 8 was because I chunked a distance wedge into the bunker. I had like no turn at all, and just bottomed the club out before the ball. The bunker had little to no sand. The club just bounced up into the ball. I swung to hard for the amount of sand. The ball just flew over the green about 5 yards. I chunked a pitch shot that was on a severe upslope. I finally got the ball onto the green and two putted.  I think I am going to start working in more of the left leg stuff. Just need to clean up impact more. 
    • I got an Xbox! The X, not the less powerful one, the S. Waited for the button to become enabled about 15 minutes after being notified of the retailer drop by a Twitter account. Now I'm ready for MSFS, which I think is on Gamepass? It's quite a mess behind the tv with all the cables, now with a PS5, Switch, ATV, 4K player, receiver and HDMI hub. It's going to be a real big mess with the Xbox now. Started playing Disco Elyisum on the PS. Trippy experience so far.
    • Ugh, just noticed my phone typed Rham. I regret the error.
    • I don't take exhibitions into account in evaluating players' careers.
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