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    • Yeah, that one surprised me, too.  Wonder how it happened
    • Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day 😁
    • Guys, again, the Transfer app may stop working at any time, because it's not supported beyond OSes that are like four years old or newer. If it works, I can only think it's still working only because it uses the same pathway as uploading via your phone (and a Live device)… which, if true, is frustrating how much slower uploads via your phone occur than how they occur through the computer. Why does it take MINUTES to upload a round via the phone?
    • He was a troll. He received > 1 "trolling" warnings. He said he was "leaving" once because "he didn't fit in and never had" (paraphrased). He posted that people here are "minions" trying to "suck up" to me. He also said my golf swing sucks. 🙂 The older I get, the less I care about the opinions of stupid people. I am starting to see why older people just say what they think more often. Thing is, too, nobody hears my inner monologue. I don't say everything I think about other people to other people, but I "hear" what I "say" internally about myself 100% of the time.
    • I just came across the thread and it seems like he somewhat optimizes the view lots of folks in the US have that these movements by people who historically have been underrepresented in positions of power who are initiating changes to ways of thinking is upsetting to them. I won't go into my theory as to what's behind it bc that would put us OT, I'll just note that even though I hadn't really noticed much of what he posted, he seemed like a regular poster (who even posted in this thread) so i was surprised when i saw he had been banned.
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