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    • I don’t see the difference between reading a piece of paper and something that would be static content on an app.   But it’ll be interesting to see what this is.
    • Are you allowed to get electronic putting help during a round?  If you had asked me this a few days ago, I'd have guessed no, but it's in the USGA's app.
    • So here we have vaccines available for COVID and people are hesitant for multiple reasons and misinformation from political leaders, celebrities, athletes, etc. But everyday people take prescribed and over the counter medications for what ever sickness they may have. Side effects from these medications are on the label.  Commercials everyday on television advertise this and that for skin conditions, headaches, aches and pains and each state a disclaimer “….if irritation or nausea or blah, blah blah appears or persists contact your doctor”. They gladly take these medications for what ails them, but won’t take a shot for a virus that can kill them! Just amazing.
    • I saw something about a paid version with putting help and green heat maps.   Definitely looks interesting.  
    • His excuse is several months out of date.  I understand the hesitation for a lot of people from something injected into you.  My wife and I looked into the science, made our decision to get it as soon as we are eligible and did it.  I admit I was nervous.   I did it anyway.   Bryson should just say he’s an anti-vaxxer or scared.  Better than saying tripe like that. Brooks should call him chicken….
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