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Should i switch to a thinner, more expensive glove?

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In the past i have had a few different types of gloves including the brands Footjoy, Nike, and Taylormade. All of them were the cheap, synthetic rubber feeling kind.  I think one was the Footjoy WeatherSof.

Anyway, my grip just doesn't feel comfortable with these gloves on.  I don't know why, but it just doesn't feel right.  When i grip the club without a glove, my hands feel in sync, like they're one unit.

So is it worth it to get the more expensive, better leather gloves?  I'm guessing it is, but i just want to hear you're opinions.

What type of better leather glove do you recommend? Any good ones less than $20?

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for the exact reasons you mention i do not wear a glove at all.

when i used to wear a glove i had a few titleist tour gloves which were perfect for the job although they didnt last very long before ripping

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We like to use Cabretta leather for our gloves because of how thin and durable the leather is. Plus you do not loose the feel of your club. I think the weather gloves are synthetic and pretty thick. You can find deals on Cabretta leather gloves online I am sure, but most retailers will carry them for around $20.

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When you factor in sweat, dirt, grips (Golf Pride NDMCs scuff up my gloves), etc., I don't buy expensive gloves since I need to replace them more often than I prefer. I'm actually a fan of the WeatherSof because it's inexpensive and does a decent job of staying soft. The StaSof is about $18 I think and the 2-3 that I bought in the past stiffened up pretty quickly. More expensive gloves are not worth it IMO.

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Why pay outrageous prices for golf gloves......Try the golf gloves from MasterGrip at  ...  www.mggolf.com

Their best selling cabretta leather glove is only $11.95 each plus it's BOGO.

They have been selling golf gloves for over 30 years.

I used to mail order them back in the 1980's........today they are online.

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Don't ask us, go buy one and see for yourself. Personally, I can't play with a cheap glove anymore. It is a night and day difference in the feel. I usually get the FJ Sta-Soft. You can find it for $17-18 usually. Sometimes you can get a bulk deal online and find a 6 pack for $13-14 each. As long as you don't grip too hard and have a tendency to tear through gloves, they will last just as long as anything. I have been using premium gloves for several years and haven't worn a hole in any of them, even the ones designated for range use only. The difference in feel is well worth the extra $5-6. The only thing that hurts them is water so if you sweat too much make sure to use two or three and rotate them so they can dry out. If you can keep them dry, they will never go stiff.
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I think your answer is in your question--better feel with no glove!

Ditch the glove altogether. I did it years ago for the feel  and as a bonus at 12-20 bucks a glove I have probably saved at least $500-600 by now.

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I think that expensive gloves are a waste of money.  I only wear a glove for increased comfort and because I am used to it.   I bought a thinner glove once and it ripped very quickly.  now i just buy cheap ones in bulk that last a lot longer and work just as well.

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Personally, I wont play with anything but a leather glove.  Ive been using the Mizuno Retroflex for a few years now and I love it.  Currently Im using a Mizuno Dualflex and its OK but its no match for the Retroflex.  In the past I tried various Footjoy gloves and never found any that I was at all happy with.

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Note: This thread is 3606 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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