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My Swing (jswang519)

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I have been playing golf for about a month now and really need your guy's advice on my swing. I have not had any lessons yet, but have had friends give me some pointers. I would appreciate some pointers on some knowledgable individuals like you guys. I have attached 3 videos with different angles and different speeds. I am using the PW in all of the videos.

Golf Swing PW - Read View:

Golf Swing PW - Side View:

Golf Swing PW - Slow Motion:

(The annoying watermark on top is due to a free video converter.)

I am hitting plastic golf balls with holes in them.

Thanks in advance for any tip!

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Your arms are very tight to your body , you can afford to extend them out further so that they make a sort of L shape half way through your back swing.

Here's a video of Ernie Els' golf swing , he has one of the best in the PGA your , about 12 seconds in you see the L shape in his swing that i was talking about.

Number one rule in golf though... don't try and emulate that swing. It's only example , try and fit it into your own swing.

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Im not really an expert or anything but judgeing by the videos you probably hit the ball fairly strait, not very far, and not very high. Probably very little spin as well. Maybe a little bit of a fade, as you probably leave the face a bit open.

Watch some videos on how to grip a club if you have not already, you probably either grip too tight or leave your hands too open.

On your backswing you have a low takeaway, Id work on taking the club directly back.

You also load the hips a little bit your hips should remain in line with your target right into impact.

You look like a bit of a scooper as well, which is natural but not something you really want to ingrain because if you scoop at the ball for a year or two its really hard to undo.

By that I mean you look like your goal is to get under the ball and sort of scoop it up into the air, should be hitting down at the ball.

This to me is all kind of "first lesson" things that you might hear, Id reccomend taking at least 1 lesson if you can afford it. Taking a lesson early on can save you from a lot of bad habits.

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Note: This thread is 3637 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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