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Struggling with being long... *rant*

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I figured the title would get people in here. "what!? Struggling with being long!?" "What the hell is that about!? blah blah blah..." Hahaha

Anyways, I actually am struggling with all of a sudden gaining 15-20 yards of distance with every club in my bag (heeeere's the catch) EXCEPT MY DRIVER!!! WTF!? I just don't get it!!! ive gotten longer with my irons, but not my driver. And in fact my driver has gotten worse and worse. I no longer have a nice baby fade of 15 yards, ive got a full on ugly freakin 100 yard slice!!! People that play with me cant believe I can hit my irons so beautifully straight, but not hit my driver at all. ME EITHER!!! What gives!?!? I know what happened with my irons is that instead of the 15-20 yard fade I used to have I got them going straight. So my 8 iron used to get me about 130, and it now gets me 145! Ive never been considered a "long" hitter, but I really do like what is happening with my irons right now. Driver however, not so much. Ive practiced, and practiced, and practiced some more. But still the same slice. I feel like Im getting my body thru the ball, but maybe Im not. I feel like Im getting a nice big shoulder turn in. Am I too flat? too steep? Too lazy? Am I bringing the club back too far? too slow? What!?

Any ideas or suggestions with trying to narrow the problem down would be much appreciated. I feel like the same 'ol "slice fixes" aren't working for me.


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Funny, I'm in pretty much the same boat - hit my irons nice and straight, but the driver has regressed from a baby draw to a slice (for me, I know I'm shifting my legs forward, but the upper body leans backwards & shoulder dips ... have to get the upper body to lean forward in conjunction with the lower body - toughest thing I've had to overcome yet in golf ...)

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I'm the same sort of.

I hit my irons nice and long and high. But my driver goes about 15 feet off the ground....I think my hands are far too forward or something.

Our iron swings are creeping into our driver

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Any chance you hit off mats a lot?  I de-lofted my entire set by hitting off mats a few times.  The shafts bent at the hosel, and if it was'nt for the forged logo on the head it would have gone un-noticed.

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My problem is de-lofting. Played Tiburon golf course today for a practice round for my high school team and had 170 out to the middle of the green. My 9 iron flew to the back. I was hitting it pretty long today. That could be the problem for you since my irons are long, yet my driver is disproportional; maybe 260/270 average drive.

Proud of the 35 (-1) I shot though. 4 birdies hehe

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if you were to post a video it might be easier to tell for sure but my bet is that your pulling your irons just a little bit. one year i started steadily coming over the top....no one poinited out to me that i was aimed well right with my wedges and irons. i began to hit pw 145-155, but couldnt hit drive to save my life, either i sliced it or pulled it 90 yards left. i would have someone check your alignment and make sure that your setting up to the ball with both clubs the same. if you are in fact just making better swings with your irons just try and make as many observations as you can as to why you might be hitting it better...ie ball position, alignment, face/club position, stance, distance from the ball, swing thoughts ext. good luck!

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I wish I could post a video. I would probably get instant feedback from about 20 people… Hahaha

Yesterday and today while I was on the course I just tried "closing my shoulders." If that makes sense? I dont remember where I had read that, but it was probably on here… Hahaha

My drives were dead straight again and I actually got "some" of my distance back. I was hitting about 240-260, and Im used to hitting about 270-280 (before my slice crept in). I was very happy I wasnt slicing the ball AT ALL, today. I will gladly take the loss of 20-30 yards just to be in the fairway. I was even smoking my 3 wood, which ive been struggling with as well. And honestly, all I did was close my shoulders and keep a nice smooth take away. Not slow, just smooth.

Im going to try to get to the range tomorrow and get some practice in, to really see if its really "fixing" it or just putting a band-aid on something that needs stitches. Haha

Thanks for the responses guys. Its much appreciated!!!

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I hit the range last night and one feeling i got when hitting different types of drives where:

1) Left should almost straight down on the backswing, so pointing well inside the ball = striaght shot, push, push draw

2) my normal rotation so left shoulder pointing at the ball = straight, slice, push slice, ocaasionaly duck hook

3) left shoulder slightly forward of the ball (as you look at it) = straight, push, baby fade

I hit MANY balls last night and the results were all the same, swing speed just altered the distance primarily and not the shot shape,

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Hah im the opposite, I hit my driver 5 wood and long hybrids like a dream. Especially my 5 wood, love that club.

But my irons are so hit or miss, I routinely hit on or around greens on par 5s in 2 and then still bogey.

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Im nearly in the same boat.

I'm a long hitter, so distance is no problem at all for me.  Lately I have been hitting most my irons 10 yards longer than normal.  Driver has no change.  My thought is that I have been dropping down on the ball better and puring the ball more consistently. You'd think that to be a good thing, except my PW goes 160yds now instead of 150 (Yes, its hard to believe, I'm just telling it how it is).  I honestly don't want to hit my PW 160, there's no need to.  But swinging easier isn't the answer because then I play army golf.  So, I have had to change my what i play, and so far it has been working out well.  Im guessing the reason that I haven't increased in distance on my driver is that I already pure it most of the time, which is fine with me.

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opposite here.  i can hit the driver pretty far, but my iron shots are short for how far i hit the driver.  im sure its because i flip the GD club at impact, adding loft.

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Note: This thread is 3478 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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