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    • The carry at mid south was longer, although there I was more concerned about the houses I was directly hitting over haha! These sorts of carries are fun, because I feel I focus in more as there isn’t room for error.    Not concerned with carry as much as dispersion. The shot shape will depend on how I feel at the tee and what the day has dictated. Generally though for this, I’d go for the cut while aiming left bunkers. Straight is ok, cut will be ok. I could go 3W instead but I’d be over thinking it’s carry instead of swinging a good swing.  I’d feel confident enough with the shot. Worst happens is you hit in water with 170 in. Should be able to make bogey from there or better. 
    • Thanks for clearing that up -- it's very reassuring.  I guess I've always used it like a Classic.  Which I'm fine with:  tag during the round, upload later, fix mis-tags etc, then get stats are the only features I've wanted.  I also had the "I thought that round vanished" thing happen a few months ago, and a few popped up, which was nice.  Maybe that will happen with these.
    • Day 574 - July 24, 2021 Played 9 at “The Ridge” with Nat and Brooke.
    • You can use it like Classic and upload via your phone after, but the “Live” part means you can use it live while you play on your phone. That’s not what I’ve said. If the rounds upload successfully they’re removed from the device. But they aren’t always  actually uploaded. Then again, I thought rounds were lost before and they appeared. That’s just “Classic” and you were notified years ago (like four or five) that using newer OSes and the Transfer app was being discontinued. Had you told them about your trip to SV and they just didn’t get it going in time for that, or were they unaware? It’d have been nice to use it there.
    • Day 109 (7/24/21) - Decided that I needed to review the 30-day Covid drills, so I started at the beginning with Day-1 - Early backswing. Did the left and right hand drills then added the pivot to A2, chipping a tennis ball in the yard for about 20-minutes using my 7-iron and 7-wood. When chipping the ball with this drill, I focused making a good turn thru the ball and making sure that my low point was in front of the ball. 
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