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The ONE thing

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What is the 1 thing, you have to do to make a good swing? Mine is a short back swing. My swing is 210% better when I make a conscience effort to keep my backswing short. Just curious as to what others think there 1 thing is?

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Originally Posted by Mr. Desmond

I've seen a couple already that I use ... another valuable tip - keep your back to the ball for as long as possible.

what does this mean exactly?  hold your finish? or is it referring to another point in the swing?  TIA.

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Note: This thread is 3418 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I heard that at one time women's tennis TV ratings were usually higher than men's in the US. But the opposite was true globally. Not sure if that's still true, but I think people called it the Williams factor. It was similar to (maybe not the same level as) the Tiger factor affecting TV ratings in golf.
    • Right. I gave these examples elsewhere: Korn Ferry Tour players vs. PGA Tour players. Public defenders vs. high-profile power attorneys. No-name actors vs. Tom Cruise or whoever the hot-shot actors are these days. This isn't a female accountant and a male accountant literally doing the same type of work and producing the same results getting paid differently solely because one is a woman. Yeah, I agree I don't think women's tennis is the perfect equivalent, but it may be the best comparison we've got. But the fact that the events are held at the same place at the same time is something golf likely won't be able to match. Not without smaller fields and other things.
    • Its funny - as my left foot has not allowed me to walk, at least not yet, the course.  It all depends - if I am a new guest at a course and I playing with a regular there, they drive.  If I am hosting and they are the newbie I drive.  If I am playing with my son and 4yr old grandson, my son and I switch duties.  I like to drive but there are days when I would just as soon be the passenger.   As you can see I am extremely non-committal here.   
    • I'm not sure if comparing tennis purses to golf for the majors is a one to one equivalence, in tennis, both men and women play the same event at the same time at the majors, the Australian, French, Wimbledon and USO. You can't really differentiate who is bringing in the ticket sales. The women's finals and semi-finals are sandwiched between the men's semis and finals, so maybe they're getting some coattails ratings or maybe the men are getting coattail ratings from the women, who knows, it's hard to tell, I think most people watch the men's and women's finals because it's more people are watching the event. So I can see why the prize money for women's tennis is the same as the men's, but in golf, it's totally different.
    • I’m just going to echo the others at this point. The ratings aren’t there, the interest isn’t there, therefore the money isn’t there. The only way I see LPGA Tour events having the same purse has PGA Tour in the near future is if the PGA Tour subsidized them. They’re doing the same “job” but they’re producing different products. The difference in skill matters and that’s partly due to the physical differences between men and women. I’d pay $200 to watch an NHL team play but not a HS one, yet they play the same game.
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