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My Swing (Kirby12)

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Hi Kirby,

I see many good things about your swing! Especially the way you stay within the plane lines back and through.

You already know about your head moving too much, so I'm going to suggest some minor adjustments.

A) I'd straighten the curve in your lower back. This will improve your ability to rotate your upper body and achieve a more powerful swing.

B) Your takeaway is very good, but just a little under plane in my opinion. Try to get your club head positioned to the orange circle in image #2.

C) I wanted to point out a small amount of early hip extension (maybe 1-2 inches). It's not much, but preventing this small movement of your hips toward the ball could get you right on plane in image #4.

D) Your takeaway positions are very good. If you can repeat this move backwards time after time, maybe you should skip my next suggestion. IMHO, it looks as though you are too actively lifting the club. I propose that you actively turn the club back with your arms, shoulders, and chest to  the point of the orange circle in image #2. Then allow the club's momentum to fold your right elbow in as the club swings to the top. Take a look at the two videos below for more insight.


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Originally Posted by Phil McGleno

MPS, what are your qualifications? Who are you? Why are you giving so much (often bad) advice? The club's momentum on the backswing? Where do you come up with this stuff?

Hi Phil, I'm simply someone who loves the game of golf. I pass along sound advice to those who request assistance. My hope is that the golfers seeking advice can improve and as a result, better enjoy the game of golf. My bullet D suggestion for Kirby12 was based on my opinion that he could attain a more repeatable backswing if he allowed momentum to naturally carry his arms and club to the top.

I acquire my golf knowledge from extensive study and analysis from over the years. If you want to know more about me, please refer to my Sand Trap profile.

Yes, if the club, arms, or any object which contains mass is in motion, it has a state of momentum. (P=MV for linear momentum & L=r x p = r x mv for angular momentum). Therefore, a club head that is in motion posses momentum in the backswing.

Before you attempt to humiliate me further with your condescending tone, would you mind reviewing Shawn Clement's "Takeaway and Starting Swing" youtube video from my post #3? Fast forward to 1:21s where Shawn discusses using the pivot of his body to toss the arms [and club] into the backswing. He continues by explaining how momentum naturally lifts the arms. If you choose to use muscle action in your takeaway because of your particular golf swing method, that's perfectly fine. But keep these two things in mind. 1) Remember that there are various methods to swinging the golf club, even though it's not your approach 2) Even if you do not feel the momentum of the club in your takeaway, it does exist.

And for your information, Shawn Clement is highly regarded in the golf community. Jeff Mann (another golf expert) seems to believe so with his very positive review paper of Shawn Clement's teachings. You can read  it HERE.

And finally Phill - I'm going to report your post to the administrator as your patronizing tone does not seem to follow an implied code of ethical behavior required for a forum where ideas are shared, discussed, and respectfully argued. You should have sent me your message privately.

Thank you for making me feel so unwelcome



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Note: This thread is 3602 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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