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When do you change your grips and why?

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I have had my clubs for about a year. Maybe a little more. Basically my grips have become very rough and I'm not sure if this is the sign that I need to change them. When I first got my clubs I use to grip them hard but I don't have that problem anymore my golf grip Is good. Basically I would like to know when I should look into new ones because my buddy has ping irons with softer grips and they feel great but I don't want to change mine until they are ready for it.
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When you can't hold them properly any more then it's time.  I change mine yearly, regardless.  It's cheap and then when I'm having an issue with my game, I can eliminate the grips as part of the problem.  The change from good to worn/slick happens so gradually that sometimes you have to just hold a club with a new grip to realize that yours are worn out.

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When you should change your grips has more to do with the number of rounds than how long.  Also the type of grip influences how long they will last.  I play 2-3 times a week and practice a couple of times a week and change my grips twice a year.  But I use and older tour wrap type of grip and they hold up pretty well.  Some of the newer synthetic grips that are great for feel and soft don't wear as long and need to be changed more often.  But if the grips are not tacky, then they need changed.  You can make them last a little longer by cleaning them once a week.

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I'll join the 40-50 round guestimate.

Also, a huge factor that can add a lot of life is how well you clean them after you play.  If you go home, spend about 10 minutes wiping the grips off with warm water and a towel, they'll get more use!

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I change when they need it. I've played long enough and changed grips enough times to know when it is time for a change. I used to just do it over the winter every year regardless, but I don't play as much any more so I just wait until they don't feel right. An easy gauge for you, go to a store with new clubs and find one with a style similar to what you have and take a couple of quick swing motions. If the new grips feel a ton better than what you have, it's time to change.
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Note: This thread is 3602 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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