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    • Ok, I see what you mean, Erik. How about Henrik Stenson for a modern example? There are a bunch of videos of his shots in the 2016 Open Championship which he raises his head post P6, with a driver as well. 2016 Open was when he averaged over 7 strokes ahead of the field average, which hadn't been done since Tiger in 2000 US Open. The video examples you used of Tiger was post 2012, after he couldn't swing like early 2000s anymore. If you look at his tee shot on #2 of final round of 2000 US Open, you'll notice he definitely dips longer than late 2000s-early 2010s. Henrik Stenson in 2016 Open is probably the closest and best modern example I can come up with in terms of the head raise after P6 movement.
    • when I go to the gym and do weight training and gain some muscle on my arms, chest, etc. it somehow affects my golf game and I start using those muscles to swing  and basically I start using my arms only and my game sucks. It feels like I loose mobility. Anybody have specific exercises to help my game? that to me is more important than gaining muscle... Thanks
    • I have a set of these I bought before I knew much about clubs. They are a low end model from the early 80s. They hit pretty good though and seemed a bit more forgiving then some the of pro model blades. Had a great day on  short 5300 yard course with them one day.
    • Day 11.  Today was a good day for practice.  I found half an hour in the afternoon to (slowly) hit balls (indoor, off a mat, into a net, real balls, 6- and 8-iron).  I also had time for Speed Sticks in the backyard.  I am encouraged by Green 112 mph on the final iteration. 
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