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Single Length Irons  

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  1. 1. What do you think about single length Irons?

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@Adam C is a very knowledgeable club builder. Maybe he can help.

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Maybe not for everyone, but have been playing them for about a year.  I will say that it does take some getting used to.  Not just the single length, but the single plane swing.  I am 70, and was stru

I bought the F9 One Lengths. They will take time to get used to. I just finished day 2 with them. I'll play my first round with them Tuesday. 1. Take your stance with your feet shoulder width apa

I had a hell of a time hitting my 5-iron up until I finally hit my growth spurt - even using regular length irons. The problem was that even when I hit it solidly it would just fly kinda low and wasn'

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10 hours ago, Colins69 said:

Bought a set of AGX one length iron heads only as I wanted to try the short irons 8, 9, w, s/w as same length shaft, I’m planning on making them 8 iron length and wonder if extending a 9 iron shaft a half inch would be better than cutting the 7 or 6 iron shaft . Can anyone tell me if they tried this before buying the correct shaft and what should work best for my trial???



That small difference probably won't matter for what you are doing here. In theory the 9 iron shaft will launch a little lower then the 6 or 7 shaft. Only definitive difference is the 9 shaft will play heavier assuming these were constant weight shafts and not blanks.

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On 5/22/2021 at 1:14 AM, Adam C said:

That small difference probably won't matter for what you are doing here. In theory the 9 iron shaft will launch a little lower then the 6 or 7 shaft. Only definitive difference is the 9 shaft will play heavier assuming these were constant weight shafts and not blanks.

Can I ask if you know why there’s a 9deg diff between the wedge and the s-wedge, looks like these heads are going back because I don’t know how to make up the 9deg difference? I assumed that that difference wouldn’t be in a set of same length irons where the heads have the exact same weight, how does Bryson D cope with that problem is what I asked the supplier. Is it unreasonable for me to expect that I would not have this problem now, I have a gap wedge buy it’s different weight and length. ???

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I wasn't ready to commit to same length, but I liked the concept of minimizing the differences in length. I built a set of irons with 1/4" differences rather than 1/2" differences built off 8i as my preferred length. I went same length (36) for both PW (43) and AW(38). Built these on Apex 19s and steel Elevate ETS 85 stiff shafts. Lofts and Lies are standard, except the 4i is 1 degree stronger and 5i is 0.5 degree strong. I needed to Frankenstein weight in the hosel on the 4i and 5i to maintain D2 swing weight. Please don't start the argument that they will overdraw, etc. They fly the same as the rest of the clubs. I am not the longest hitter (155 7i) and for me, smash factor is a big component of distance. I hit the center of the face far more often. Still working to generate more carry and more stopping power on the longer irons vs current shorter carry with too much roll. So far I love them.

The lengths go from 36 to 37.5 vs the standard for this set of 35.5 to 38.5. Reduced some variability and my swing feels much more repeatable through the entire set. I did not cut down my 3h or 3w. Yet.

Time will tell, each week dialing them in more and more. Handicap is dropping slowly. 

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