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Your 2012 Golf Goals - Official Thread

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Play another 30 or so rounds and drink lots of beer.

Break 80 Don't piss off the wife.

Well, I don't know how many people will see this (if any) but I'm very happy to say that I shot 108 yesterday from the blue tees. I hit double bogey or better on 72% of holes. My putting

1. Work on the consistency of my my ball striking, swing and control.

2. Finally rid myself of my to often slice. (almost at that one )

3. Finally beat my father in a match.

4. Get to single digit handicap.

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Well, I think I narrowed down my 2012 golf goals.  It seems I haven't really progressed over the last 3 years (read: break 100 consistently) but I am looking to attempt to practice just as much as I play.  Not sure how often I will get out but I am hoping at least 20 times.

1. Consistently shoot in the 90's - Last July I bought an Iphone and checked out some golf apps.  Downloaded Golfshot (lite) which is an awesome app for scorecard/stat tracking.  Was only able to log 5 rounds so my stats are terrible and skewed.  My scoring avg over those 5 rounds shows as 105 (111,108,102,100,109 - The 100 I shot 5 weeks later on the same course as the 111 - nice eh).  Like most of us Sand Trappers....after each round, I think back on how many shots I lost out on whether they were penalty strokes, easy missed putt, top the ball, fat shots, etc..The last round I had for example was a 109 and I fired my first 4 tee shots into the woods.

2. Average 36 putts per round - My putting is hit or miss and is something that I have worked on quite a bit in my basement this past winter.  I have a much better grip now with less wrist action and am looking forward to hitting some practice greens and trying some drills.  I had no problem draining 20 footers last year to save a double bogey :)  Small sample size again, but for my 5 rounds last year, my putts show as 39/round.  Since this will be the first year of fully tracking stats, 36 seems like a nice round number...

3. Fairways hit at 35% - For my FH and GIR, I had no idea what to put for an achievable goal so I kind of pulled the numbers out of my rear and will see how I do.  They aren't very high but I am trying to be realistic.  If I find out halfway thru the season that I am smashing these particular goals then I will readjust...I should be able to hit at least 5 fairways per round....especially the way I have been cranking the driver at the range...hope it translates to the course.

4. Greens in Regulation at 20% - Again, wasn't sure which % to aim for but this seems about right for me.  I am not very long off the tee and I can't hit my irons very well consistently so I have a hard time hitting GIR....but I think I can try and manage 3-4 per round.  I would like to be able to start learning my distances with each club too....

5. Reduce Penalties - I really believe this is what kills my score most days....always nailing balls into the woods or in to the drink...My goal is ultimately zero but will start keeping track to see how they affect my score at the end of the day

6. Reduce Fat/Thin shots - Would like to eliminate these all together...I am always good for a few bad ones every round so it will be nice to try and fully eliminate those types of shots...nothing worse than teeing off on a 500+ par 5 only to top the ball and have it roll 20 yards.   Makes for a much longer hole ;)

7. Walk vs Ride - I like to walk more than ride as I am out of shape and this helps, but on those super hot and humid days, I would rather cart just for the shade and  the small breeze I get...I don't do well in the sun at all.  I usually have to slap on 70 SPF multiple times in the day.  After each round, I will note on whether I walked or used a cart....will be interesting to see how each affects my score if at all over the season.

8. Finish top 4 on my "Guys Golf Trip" - Every June me and 7 other guys head to PEI for the weekend and play a couple of rounds.  Awesome times but for the 3 years that I have been going, I never finished better than 7th.  It's not competitive but there are some bragging rights.  2 of the 8 are pretty decent but the other 5 guys are right around where I am in skill level....A small personal goal of mine to have a good showing on what is always a great trip.

9 - Establish Handicap - No idea what my handicap is but I am sure it's in the 20-30 range.  This will be the year that I finally figure it out and stick with it.  That will help with a goal for 2013 to lower it whatever it may be at the end of this year.

There you have it..those are my quantifiable goals for 2012.

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2012 Goals......Realistically!

  • Handicap: Currently at 15.3, Goal is 10 in July. The last 3 winters my Hcap has mushroomed to 20 or 21 with my Summer low at 13 to 15.  Since this past winter my Hcap was 17, I should be able to get lower during the summer.
  • FIR%: Currently at 54%......Goal is 71 %
  • GIR%: Currently at 18%......Goal is 36 %
  • Putts: Currently at 32.....Goal is below 30

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Hard to say with just a number. my best score is an 88 and its been less than a year but i imagine now that ive just quit duffing these are the hard strokes to cut off but ive been working on my putting where i have recently had a huge problem out of nowhere. im gonna shoot for 70's but id also like to play that draw with my driver. i can do it sometimes but when it doesnt work its a dirty snap hook that just leaves me screwed. But have hit it so sweet and far before i want it so bad.

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Originally Posted by shamus

Consistently break 90. My best round ever was an 85, 2 years ago, but I've been stuck in the 90's ever since.

Same here. I need to start breaking 90 this season.  I'm CLOSE (low 90s) but I can't seem to minimize the mistakes enough to break them.

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My goal is to shoot an even par round of golf. And to get my handicap lower than my dads (7.4 currently) which he will hate.   >:)

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Shoot 5 consecutive rounds in the 70's.

Hit a consistent push-draw with my driver when I want to.

Get invited by iacas for some free lessons.

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My overall goal is to cut my handicap in half from 30.5 to 15.

Some side goals would be:

To play and/or practice more often. I would be happy with practicing twice a week and playing once a week.

To have a consistant drive giving me a playable lie whether its in the rough or fairway.

To learn my B & C swing as well as perfect my A swing.

Develop my short game

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First Id like to break into the 80s. Second I'd like to get my handicap down to a 17 or below. I am a mid 90s golfer as we speak. I dontthink these goals are too lofty. We joined a CC last month and I plan to play 27 holes per week plus a range day.
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Note: This thread is 2949 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Welcome to TST. Many of us have gone through a similar journey as you. I enjoyed all the lows and all the highs. Have fun!
    • Alice Cooper got some demons under control by playing a lot of golf, maybe it will work for Manziel?  I don't think he'll make the PGA Tour.  Best he can hope for is a DQ from a KFC Tour event, thus following in Jerry Rice's footsteps. 
    • Day 10.  Rain outside meant I couldn't do the speed sticks, so I had to make due with 8-iron and 6-irons, as per usual, off the mat, into the net, while indoors.  Two sessions of about half a dozen balls each (and about as many minutes each time).
    • That happens all the time time to me. Having such a powerful swing destroys golf balls.  Back in The real world, the only time I see damage like that is frOm a lawn mower. 
    • Lesson today. Worked on a few minor backswing things and then transition priority piece. The gist of it was MORE PALMAR FLEXION. Also tried some different feels for getting re-centered over the ball at impact. The feel of moving my head toward target slightly seemed to work best. Feels odd, but much improved “covering the ball” on film.
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