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    • Day 22: 2/22/18 Hit 10 balls with Driver, with about 30 slow practice swings.   rolling hands over and closing face.   success.   other than the 2 bad balls that went completely awry, 8 of them were really nice.  
    • I have several days of short game instruction from Butch Harmon's  school under my belt. Not from Butch him self, but one of his employees. These lessons were several years ago. On putting; we started with distance control. Length of back stroke equals a certain distance. We worked on hitting straight putts. I was  given drills to work on. The goal was to two putt or less from anywhere on the green. We also worked alot on 3 - 5 foot putts. My putting stroke was already pretty good. I was also fitted to my putter.  The putting drills I received back then, I still us today.  Chipping instruction was much different that what I use now. I am a true follower of Paul Runyon's chipping method. Harmon's method back then, from what I can tell is still the norm today. I switched to Runyon's method because it mirrored my putting stroke. The Runyon method is well represented on You Tube, and is easy to learn.  Pitching to me is just a shorter full swing. If your full swing is good, you shouldn't have any problem pitching. You just adjust your back swing length.  On shorter pitches, I use the Runyon stroke, with a slightly different ball placement.  I practice much more on my short game than I do my long game. Probably 3 times as much. It's just the nature of my current game. 
    • Day 54 15 minutes putting 3 foot putts. I have been focusing on putting because I want to get better, but also because time and weather have been limiting. I am improving. I have been struggling a little with a consistent stroke. Not terrible, I have been making most of them. I use a putting cup with a 3" entrance. a few of the putts hit the edge of the entrance and bounce in, or stop when they hit it. Given appropriate speed, these would still be in the hole. In is in. In a practice situation however, from 3 feet on a level carpet, I want those putts rolling right in the center of the opening. Reading LSW this morning, I was re-reading the section on putting drills, and decided to get out the metal ruler again. It took a few trys to get back on it. That is how I practiced today, rolling a few down the metal ruler, then moving it aside and making the same putts without it. Amazingly :) :) the same stroke that will roll the ball down the length of the metal yard stick works pretty well for 3 foot putts!!!
    • A friend sent me the picture, not sure what course or when.
      I've had rounds while playing in Breck during the summer when a small squall snow storm passed over and delay play for a hour or more or less.
    •   I can 3 putt from there.  (But I'm working on that)   Edit:  Sorry - the automerge failed me
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