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Recent Club Fitting Experience

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Last week I posted about my interest in the Titleist AP2's. Well today I went to a club fitter who started me out by focusing on fitting me for the correct shaft, then I hit several manufacturers clubs before dialing into the proper set. I hit the following clubs... Titleist AP2, 710's (they had the Dynamic Gold S300) Mizuno MP-53 Mizuno MP-59 Ping S56's Callaway RAZRX Forged Irons To my surprise, the AP2's were nowhere near my favorite clubs based on feel, and smash factor. Which I was surprised as I currently play 762's with S300 shafts. So I thought going into this fitting I would gravitate towards the AP2's. They were a huge disappointment coming from a guy who's carried my 762's for nearly a decade in my bag. and I love the look of the AP2's. The Callaway's were surprisingly very solid... But they were not as 'finished' looking as the Mizuno's which I'll get to in a moment. The Pings were too large. They just didn't set up nicely to my eye, and they felt like I was hitting my old Zings in my garage. Not a fan. So now to the Mizuno's. First let me say this was the first time I have ever hit a Mizuno iron. And I really didn't think I would be this excited about my finding... But their MP-53, MP-59's were amazing. The ball felt like it was exploding off the face. As if I was puring it swing after swing. My favorite shaft was the KBS C-taper Stiff shaft weighing in at 120g. After looking at the two Mizuno's I decided to go with the MP-59's given they're 2012 clubs with the Titanium insert for improved feel. I'd say being stoked about getting these baby's next week is the understatement of the year. I can't wait to get out on the course with this new set.
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Ping S56's Sole Width 18mm Toe Height 55mm Heel to Toe 71mm Topline 7mm MP-53's Sole Width 19mm Toe Height 54mm Heel to Toe 73mm Topline 7mm I don't have the specs on the MP-59's. But they looked identical at address to me.
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I tried various sets of muscle-back clubs recently and the MP59's came out above everything except for the Benross VX2012''s which felt great, hit great but are Benross and therefore not something I'd even think about buying (they were recommended by the store to try)

Everything about those Mizzies was perfect; they looked clean and neat at address, the balance of the club felt lovely, the feeling of the ball off the face way amazing, the dispersion was much MUCH tighter than my current cavity backed VMS irons and I was able to work the ball well; something I've never done before.

The sole thing stopping me from buying them is that I'm trialing a bespoke, fully custom-made club at the moment made by my club's professional club fitter which has been created for my exact stats. I want to see how I get on with that first.

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I was like this when I first hit a Mizuno iron, MP52s and it blew me away.

I play the MP53s now with the KBS FST Tour shaft and loved them so much I got the MP-T11 with the KBS HiRev in

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Note: This thread is 3544 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Depends on the swing. The club shaft is not straight at impact, even if you match hand position because the weight of the clubhead will cause the shaft to bend, sending the toe closer to the ground. That depends on your swing speed, and the golf shaft.  Its best just to get fitted for irons and use a lie board. 
    • Sounds like you guys had a great time, I loved reading the reviews. I'd love to hear about some of the best shots you guys hit out there, did anyone go super low compared to how they usually score?
    • Yeah. Eastern Michigan is one of the ones I'll admit not knowing. Pretty weak for someone that went to Bowling Green, but they were the Eagles by the time I got there.  Another one I never knew was the NBA Warriors. Before moving to California, the Philadelphia Warriors used a really hokey-looking Indian character. Obviously, they kept the name but changed the logo.     Really. The fact that the teams are pulling these nicknames is proof positive that people are offended by them. If it was still a real argument, Washington Football Team would have never given up that nickname.  The fact that they did is a case-closer.
    • That one really shouldn't be an issue - if you see it happening, you can tell the player to mark the ball and they have to mark the ball. Rule 15.3a:  
    • If your hands are high up at both address & impact, should your iron address position be toe up or flush with the ground?  
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