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    • You are getting close to my area.  Cascades, Calderone and Grande are all nice courses.  I am not sure the Grande allows walking.  I think their rates include the cart but maybe you can walk and just pay for the cart.  Cascades is a good walking course.  Calderone is a bit more of a chore with some distance between tee and next green.
    • Thanks for posting this. I immediately thought of Jon Rahm who has a short backswing, but seems to get his hands moving fast very early. In trying to get into a good impact position with hips and shoulders rotated without putting a bunch of stress on my lead knee, I have opened my stance. This has limited my backswing, which was a concern I had in being able to create clubhead speed.  I am thinking I can open my stance a bit and still get decent clubhead velocity. 
    • As good as that advice is, perhaps someone should have told him "Don't go from in play into the woods."  I thought the first play from the palmettos was pretty good, he had only one real option for an unplayable lie, and that was to go back to the fairway bunker.  I don't think he had a reasonable 2 clublength drop, and a drop in the bunker is likely to leave a partially plugged lie.  But for his next shot, from the back edge of the bunker, I thought perhaps he would have been better off playing sideways rather than towards the flag.   Given the location in the bunker, I didn't see any way to get it out and hit the green on the line he chose, it had to come out low and hot.  Of course, I've never understood the level of skills these guys have, maybe it was a good choice, and poor execution. I definitely admired his responses at the time, and in the interview afterward.
    • I agree with you But, I’m not sure he was able (low percentage) to hit the green from the woods or back of the bunker...he’s not the best chipper / pitcher and those were some bad spots on fast greens with runoffs 
    • Finally had a good round today, hitting the ball pretty well while playing with the new swing. I could have confidence today to strike the ball with 80% of full swing after struggling between old swing and new swing for like two months. 
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