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First Aimpoint session this Saturday

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My club has a certified Aimpoint instructor on staff (I believe he's still the only one in TN).  He does a group class every couple months, but I've had conflicts every time one was scheduled.  He's shared the basics premise with me, but I haven't had a real lesson yet.

All that will change this Saturday.  We're going to start a series of 1 on 1 Aimpoint lessons.  I'll report back afterwards, but I'm excited to start the process.

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Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

I did a 1-on-1 session as well, and I liked it. Beforehand, Erik told me to practice starting putts on the correct line and getting a feel for the speed. That will make it a lot more efficient because you'll cut down on your own errors, and you can really focus on the green reading.

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Thanks guys.  I've been really interested in Aimpoint for a while, but the majority of this year has been spent overhauling my swing (and doubling my index ).  I can't work on too much at once so I'm glad a lot of that work is coming together.  It's pretty obvious that I need to focus hard on putting over the winter.  I track my stats with SkyCaddie and it's really revealed how little I've focused on short game this year.  I've never been one who makes a lot of putts, but I don't 3 putt often.  I need to make some birdies and clutch par putts to get back down to where I want to be.

FIR - 74%

GIR - 51% (but most recent 10 rounds have been better)

Those two aren't that bad IMO.  If I can average 12 GIR per round at my home course I'm really happy since it's a tough track.  The next 3 stats are freakin pitiful though.

Putts / hole - 1.83

Putts after GIR - 1.97

Birdie putts made - 9%

My home course is very tough so my 5-6 index travels well.  I'm ready to make some birdies though

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What an experience!  One of our assistant pros, Errol Helling, is the aimpoint guru at our club.  We spent a couple hours working through it and I was floored.  I'll never look at putting the same way.

Now to spend a lot of time practicing so that it becomes a faster process.

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Continued improvement....

The weather in TN has been spotty.  Combine that with the really busy time of year for me at work and I haven't been out much since my aimpoint process began.  I've only managed to play 3 rounds with full aimpoint focus on the greens (plus several practice sessions working on green reading).

This past weekend I played my home course.  Temp was in the 40s with a decent wind so full swings were not as comfortable as I'd like.  I managed a 75, but the cool thing about it was the 28 putts ( 13 on front, 15 on back).  That's a course low for # of putts for me and beat my 2011 average by 5 putts.  Those 5 strokes are my index all other things being equal.

I'm digging aimpoint.  Game changing info for sure.

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    • Flighting, as @iacas pointed out, is another very good technique to take distance off of a full swing distance. I use the shorter backswing/shorter follow through method. Because I find it's simpler... I struggle with flighting. If I want to hit a lower shot, I take more club with less swing. I get what you mean by decelerating though with 3/4 swings. Sometimes it happens to me, and I bottom out too soon, and there you go chunky monkey. My swing thought for those of you who use the shorter swing method (primarily with wedges), is keep your downswing the same tempo as if you were hitting a full shot.  That's just my thought, remember I'm not a pro, and I surely don't claim to be.
    • It's his business what he does or doens't do.  You can encourage his interest, or just stay out of it. I'd absolutely decline the request to teach him and just tell him if he's going to do this, he should get lessons. as for the other thing, he wants to bond with you on this.....I'd just say you like playing 'good' golf with players of similar skills.  So if he wants this hobby to turn into a 'bro' thing, he has to take lessons and get nice gear and be good enough to enjoy the same course difficulty you do.  And you're happy to wait for that, but shouldn't plan to play a lot with you until then. It's not your business what he does it is your business if he wants to do this to be buds with (but only that aspect) It's a HARD transition to go from work focus to retirement - this might be a great thing for this guy
    • School play grounds, when empty of people, and is allowed is a good place to get distances. Myself, I use a dry lake bed  get my carry distances. Roll out after the carry is at the mercy of the course conditions. Uphill, down hill, flat, fast, or slow.  After a while, the golfer, from previous expirience, will know what club to pull for the shot at hand. He may not know the actual distance, but will know which club to use.  I have a personal, mental quirk when it comes to distances. If I see a 7i, full swing distance, I pull a 6i. I always take one extra club to allow for my not so perfect club/ball contact. This has served me quite well over the years. 
    • Nice!!!  I did that with a set of Pings.  Found an Old leather Ping bag from the 80's, added in a whole set of steel eye 2's (2 - SW), found a 1,3 & 5 eye 2 woods and then after tons of searching, found an eye 2 putter.  A complete era correct eye 2 set!  Hangs on the wall in my golf room.  Took it out once to play and had some old school fun that day.
    •   During my bachelor years I had Center Ice. The rare Saturday’s I had off were quite awesome.  Hockey would start at about 11 in the morning and run for a good twelve hours, even later if the Sharks or Kings were playing at home.     Edit: I ate a lot of nachos 
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