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Had one of my better rounds.

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It was 35F yesterday with a slight breeze which made it feel a bit colder.  I just wanted to get outside and really didn't expect much  I got off to a slow start with a bogey, triple bogey, and quadruple bogey!  I normally bogey the 2nd and 3rd.  Anyway, I ended 18 holes with a 91 which could easily have been in the mid-upper 80's if not for my slow start.  I didn't realize how well I was doing until I added up my scores after the round and saw that....

11 out of 14 Fairways Hit or a Good Miss

1 GIR (that's got to get better!)

18 chips (GIR goes up this has to come down)

33 putts

I have struggled with inconsistency all year off the tee and long approach shots.  So, I focused on my setup and keeping the ball in play.

I have noticed that I hit the ball much better standing closer to the ball.  I stand more upright and my take away is low and to the inside with a quick wrist hinge.  For a while, I was pushing the ball to the right consistently so I closed my club face at address and started initiating my downswing by "stepping" onto my front foot and pulling down on my club.  The push turned into a draw....most of the time.  My swing feels very "compact" and my consistency has started to improve.  I've narrowed my stance as well.  I think it allows me to move my weight forward on the downswing more easily than a wider stance.

I'm happy that things seem to be coming together...finally, but sad that the year is about over.  Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Happy Thanksgiving! It's at least nice to go into the winter with good memories in your head of your last round. I tend to play my best really late in the year and again in early spring because I don't expect much out of myself, and therefore relax and have a good time. Easy to say, "why don't you do that all the time?" but for some reason my mind won't let me???

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I agree.  It is nice going into the off-season on  a positive note.

I also just realized that yesterday was the first time I played all 18 holes with the same ball!

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Note: This thread is 3533 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • @alexschoI would suggest a UW to fill the gap between the PW and SW. If you're a high handicap, I'm not sure you need a 58 degree wedge.  Your priority on short game shots isn't "get it close" (but that's great if you can), but rather "get the ball on the green;  within spots on the green, priority is to spots close to the hole."  But I wouldn't just now use a club that many high handicappers usage tends to risk leaving themselves with yet another short game shot.
    • Good luck.  Make sure you know the rules, of course;  people can and do get casual with the rules during non-tournament play.  Make sure you know what local rules are in effect, too;  you don't want to Jerry Rice yourself out of a tournament if, for example, laser range finders aren't allowed but you use one. 
    • 87 today at my home course.  Hit 4 GIR:  holes 1, 17, and 18, but only one in between (#8, a 4-wood into the wind to about 15', had a tap-in par on that one).
    • Day 151.  Tournament at my home course today.  I shot an 87 with 4 GIR and 7 near-GIR.  Now that I write that out, I feel my long game was better than that stat line today, but I guess not.  I did some full swing practice before the round, outdoors at the range, checking my backswing length as per my past month or so of work.
    • Secured a par at my home course's hole #17 today.  I am not happy with how long it took me to get better than bogey on it.  I hit a poor tee shot, a good recovery punch shot, then a sweeping hook 6-iron to the green.  I correctly read that the lie and setup would hook, aimed well left of the green, and swung.  Big hook, ended on the left side of the green, 15' from the pin, and I darn near made the birdie putt too. Speaking of which, I gave a par at #s 7 and 9 a good run today too.  Still no birdies at my home course this year! 😞 
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