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    • I am going to write more about this in the "stop conning yourself" thread later today because I am still conning myself, at least a little bit. Day 114.  I went to the practice facility near me this morning.  I got some video of my long game practice routine and the picture has improved but not really finished changing.  I'm not sure if that's enough.  Also my slow swings aren't as slow as I thought they were, or I'm really misinterpreting the video.  I also did chipping and putting, including taking 15 putts to finish a 3' drill of coins.  
    • Pretty damn accurate, I just got my wedge. Order date was 4/11 and today is 6/17 so I'm right at 9 weeks. Specs are -1/2'' off the shaft, true temper s300 shaft and winn dri-tac midsize grip. 
    • Rahm isn’t Arnie and Arnie lost a six shot lead with six to go in the US Open. Arnold Palmer's collapse at Olympic Club in 1966 one for the ages Arnold Palmer's collapse in the 1966 U.S. Open rivals any choke in golf history.  
    • Jim Stracka makes green-reading books. Here’s his case against a ban | Golf News and Tour Information | GolfDigest.com This is probably true to some extent. We do pattern recognition, and golf course designers mess with that. I played a course in Orlando, FL where half the greens looked flat. They were not very elevated, and the bunkers were not pushed up near the green. So the breaks were subtle. I just learned Aimpoint then, and putted the best out of our group. The greens confused the crap out of my friends who used their eyes to read greens.  About it causing play to slow down, the article above sad it sped up college players by 15 minutes. So, if true, then yay for that.  I can understand the argument that it takes skill out of green reading. Honestly, I don't think it's that big of a deal. They still have to aim their putt, and hit the speed. There is still skill in putting. I think most PGA Tour players are halfway decent at green reading anyways. I wonder how many strokes gained there is in green reading from the worst to the best on the PGA Tour? 
    • Probably just mere tinkering, going back to something they’ve had success with in the past, or looking for a spark. DJ has had his proto irons back in the bag for a while though; in fact, he won the Masters with them. I don’t think that bears on whether the irons are a failure or not. I mean, come on, with today’s technology and streamlined manufacturing processes, how could they be a failure? The mere fact that players go to something else doesn’t evince that what they shelved is a “failure.”  Moreover, what does “failure” even mean? Are you referring to something inherently wrong with the iron from a design/mechanical standpoint? I doubt it because TM wouldn’t have given it to the pros to begin with, nor would the players have had them in the bag. Tiger changed putters here and there. Was there something wrong with the Scotty he won a ton of majors with? No. He was tinkering and looking for a spark. 
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