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Exercise advice please

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Yea, yea i know, but i have a few places that have over 100 success stories with the paleo lifestyle (or primal). So the data is there, and it is significant. The concept that fat leads to people being fat is just wrong, well not wrong if you ate butter 100% of the time, that might be bad and disgusting. But a diet of least processed foods, primarily of veggies, nuts, seeds, protein, healthy fats (note saturated fat is a healthy fat, its a myth that its bad for you) is far superior than eating foods that have to be milled, mixed, and baked. Especially when such foods causes your body to go into hormonal imbalance (insulin is a hormone)

But yea we better stop this, but i suggest you don't stop with your degree, keep learning, keep reading, because i believe you will be coming to my side in the future.

I will say, those who have been reading, if you had trouble loosing weight, stuck, you done everything you can, you eat majority of carbs, and low fat, go look up the paleo or primal lifestyles. Give that a shot, it might just work.

Ok, were done ;b

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There are almost as many arguments online about how to eat as there are about how to swing a golf club!

I've been progressively cutting down on grains and sugars for the last few months and going out of my way to eat more animal protein, veggies and fruit. Also started a basic strength training program ( http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/FAQ:The_Lifts ), because I'm old and soft. Feels good man.

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To a large extent, part of the diet issue centers on the fact that there is very little dietary science. If one looks at your biochemistry classes, there is a large amount of science on various metabolic pathways. However, there is very much less ( is this English?) science when the whole organism is concerned. What drives fat uptake/release, etc. The "Everyone is different" is an just a simple why of saying "I do not know how it works".

My personal observations has been most people eat too many calories and too many carbohydrates.  Which ever side of the fence you sit on this particular position, there is much to be said for reducing one's weight. A lot of the issues with golf and life can be directly equated to those extra pounds. If you are already at a good weight ( a good solid middle of the road BMI for normal weight), great. Working on strength or cardio health is a great thing to do. If you are like the rest of us, losing 10-40 pounds may be your best way to better golf.  My observation is dieting is really your only choice.

Again, many people believe that the way to get there is exercise. Yes, I have seen the infomercials and "Biggest Loser". All of these programs have diets as a serious component. There are lots of people and studies which basically say exercise alone will not work. Until you get into the hours per day, you really cannot change your caloric output enough with exercise. Giving up that bag of chips a day, you really change your calorie intake.  In addition, your body can compensate for any exercise by "resting" more in between your exercise sessions. I am not against exercise. It is great for what it can do. Cardio health is very important.

There are lots of programs out there. Basically you need to change your food intake. Personally I have drunk the cool-aid and am following the Atkins system. It is pretty simple . I often refer to it as the "men's diet" due to the high levels of fat and meat/protein. ( It is more complex that that ).  As to the comment you cannot exercise on a low carb (LC) diet -- that is not true. Many people work out and do very well while on a LC diet. In fact, people notice they have better endurance as you are not switching from glycogen to fat, but burning fat all the time. There is a period when starting the diet when exercising is more difficult. But that goes away as your body adjusts.

Good luck on your training for the new golf season.

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You will have to pry that fresh loaf of bread, pasta al dente and bowl of sticky rice from my cold dead hands.

I like this simple diet plan: eat a little of everything, but not too much.

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HAHA i know it... I know i talked about no refined carbs, but man i can't help but have a pizza once in a while. I do not touch pasta's anymore. Pasta was just OK for me, not a big fan to begin with. I always like the sauces or what ever they put in a pasta dish better. But bread man, i love bread, its tough. When i go out to eat i might have a slice or two. But when i talk bread i mean the homemade kind. the store brand, generic bread is crap, its flimsy and has no flavour at all. Good homemade bread is the best.

But really the best advice i can give, cook your own meals, from scratch. Learn to love cooking, and you will improve your health. I love to cook, and believe me, every dinner is prime time for me, and i am good at it, so its not like i am eating dried up chicken with steam veggies. I pull out all the stops, and you get use to cooking on a budget and maximizing flavour, its awesome. Its also the ultimate control of what goes in your body, which i like.

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I turned 40 this year.  I too have minimal time to get in shape or practice. That's why I combine exercise with golf training in minutes a day- at least my swing will look good! This unique training is both exhilarating  and fun and you can do it almost anywhere.  All you need is room to swing and one to five minutes to spare.  I call it Lag Rag training and you can see it on YouTube under Lag Rag.  I've had some great feedback from others who have tried this.

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Note: This thread is 3236 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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