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TST 2012 PGA Tour Fantasy Golf

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Originally Posted by Zwick

I have a question: Do I have to fill the Bench too or only the Foursome?

Each  week you pick 2-A,4-B and 2-C players. You start 1-A,2-B and 1-C

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Each  week you pick 2-A,4-B and 2-C players. You start 1-A,2-B and 1-C

At least your C-list entry is currently in second place. Six of the eight on my roster missed the cut; the only people doing worse than me are the ones who haven't been paying attention.

My formula: Tournament in Hawaii-->Magnum P.I. was set in Hawaii---> Johnson Wagner with the Tom Selleck mustache will win.

I joined this morning, only a few spots left.  The Double Eagles - MD.  Never played fantasy golf before, but it looks cool after I've read the scoring and how it seems to work.  Good luck all and thanks for setting this up for us.


This link might be helpful to other newbies like myself.

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Originally Posted by BrianJ

Will there eventually be 10 teams of 5?  or 9 teams of 5 plus 5 individual teams?

10 teams of 5. If we don't get 50 players by post time on Friday,I will blind draw players needed ,

Players selected score will count for their team and team 10 also.

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Originally Posted by Zwick

I have a question: Do I have to fill the Bench too or only the Foursome?

Fill in the bench too.  So you will be selecting 8 players.  You will start 4.  After the end of each round, you can substitute in one of your bench players, or if a player misses the cut, you can sub in a bench player.

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We have reached the 50 player limit. Thanks much for playing.

If you are a newbie to Fantasy Golf make sure you check out the upper left corner of "My Team" page. You will find 2 great tabs-Preview and Expert Picks.   Also,consult with other members of your team for help,if needed using  Private messages.

Golf luck to you for the 2012 Golf Season!

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Injury report

Posted by: Mike F

Injury ALERT - Glover
Posted by: J
Message ID: 80 1/5 6:29 pm | Post |

The Associated Press has reported that Lucas Glover has sustained a sprained ligament in his right knee.
Glover injured his knee while paddle boarding in Hawaii last weekend. It's not the first time that he's paddle boarded while in the Pacific, but he fell awkwardly off the board this time. He hit balls this morning but struggled in completing an effective swing. Glover then withdrew from today's pro-am. He's scheduled to tee off at 11:35 a.m. local time on Friday for the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, but given the severe elevation changes at Kapalua and his status as of today, fantasy gamers are advised to invest elsewhere.

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Jamo and Ben did not submit players for this week. Three strikes and you are Out. If any player doesn't submit players 3 times during the season, as we say at my course-A-ya,B-ya.C-ya!

It is unfair to your team not to submit players. This weeks game is 2 best ball, but a couple games will be 5 balls count.

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Note: This thread is 3227 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 37 (02 Aug 21) - Wedge work in the backyard "rough" today, its been raining enough that I have not been able to cut the grass so its anywhere from 2" to 6" high in places.  This makes for interesting work on controlling the ball flight, but given how often I tend to be left or right of the green in the taller stuff, it makes for good practice.  I can practice up to 30yds in the backyard and stretch that to 55-60 if I "borrow" the neighbors yard.  Worked exclusively with the Ping Eye 2 (50.5, 57.5) and Eye 2+(53.5) wedges.  Fought being flippy handsy by purposely slowing down and letting the legs lead the torso back and also starting the downswing.  
    • Yesterday I carded a 74 on Pinehurst #5. 37 a side, 2 birdies, 4 bogeys.  White tees, not long at 6178 yards.  What felt good about the round was using my newly acquired TS2 17* hybrid with one of my favorite shafts a Fujikura Atmos TS 8 Stiff, Blue.  It felt great! Today I couldn’t wait to again put the Hybrid into play on Pinehurst #2!  It played well again today especially into Par5’s.  Played them -2 (2 pars, 2 birdies!).  It was a good day again, played White tees at 6307 yards, shot 39/37.  12 Fairways, 10 GIR’s and only 27 putts. Today was round 142 for the year. (don’t hate me) 😀
    • My layman common sense thought about this is you spend all those swings grooving an open face it's gonna be helluva hard to get face closed assuming you've grooved the rotation bit.
    • At the moment I turn my hips by rotating my pelvis clockwise, but would it be better to rotate your hips by lowering your left knee, causing the right hip to rotate backwords?   Or is this an inferior method to using your pelvis to rotate your hips?   Reason I ask is because when I use my pelvis I often experience reverse pivot of my upper spine at the end of the backswing, because my pelvis isn't rotating straight across when I reach the end of the backswing, I'm shifting it which is putting it out of line, causing the upper spine to go out of line  
    • Wisconsin Trip Composite Course Hole #1 - Sand Valley  This was the best starting hole of the four courses. SV #1 is a drivable par 4 for some, but one were driver can give you an easy pitch or a putt for eagle, but also put you in a really nasty spot. A 3-wood off the tee leaves you with a difficult 2nd short shot to the green due to the green complex. I really like this hole.  Hole #2 - Mammoth Dunes A solid par 4 with a wide landing area off the tee, but a bunker in the fairway to challenge the direct angle to the green. I think LLB #2 is just a bad hole. Sand Valley #2 is just not enjoyable because of how penalizing it is to miss the green anywhere but short.  Hole #3 - Sand Valley I like this par 3, it has a lot of variety in pin positions. If the pin is left, you can challenge it or end up in a very nasty lie left or bail out right. This was close with MD #3, a good par 5 where you can challenge the hole on the left to cut some distance off your 2nd shot.  Hole #4 - Sand Valley An OK par 5, but its really that the other holes were not as strong as this one. They were all par 3's, but non of them were all that interesting.  Hole #5 - Sand Valley This is a really good downhill par 3. It's not a long par 3, and the green his huge, but with a lot of contour. The wind can swirl a bit making the shot selection difficult. I like the view and challenge of this par 3. Hole #6 - Lawsonia  A nice long par 4 with a difficult 2nd down hill, to a green with a false front. I like this hole, a solid straight forward par 4. I think if the tees at Sand Valley allowed you to see the entire fairway to the left, it would take this spot.  Hole #7 - Sand Valley This might be a controversial pick for some, but I liked this par 5. You do have to check the yardages, but you either challenge the hole with a driver, and have a view of the green where you can challenge carrying the long bunker, or you can lay back off the tee and then play out to the right for your 2nd shot. It is a hole that you need to play once to realize how far right you can go.  Hole #8 - Sand Valley  A par 3 up the hill, that is protected left and short. The green has some big contours. It's a nice difficult short par 3.  Hole #9 - Lawsonia  This is a nice par 5, where you actually get to see the hole from the tee box. You have to challenge the hole on the right to have a shot of getting near the green in two, but with it being a dog leg right, there is plenty of landing area off the tee.  Hole #10 - Mammoth Dunes This was a tough decision between MD and SV. I went with MD because I liked the challenge of this short par 4 that has a tricky 2nd shot to the green. You can challenge the green off the tee, but you will be left with a tough short game shot. If you lay back, then the approach shot is also difficult. SV is a good par 5 that is reachable in two, but for me the drive is not interesting. Honestly, this is close to a toss up for me.  Hole #11 - Lawsonia This is just a solid par 5. With a good tee shot, you have a great chance at going at this green in two, which is large, but protected by three bunkers.  Hole #12 - Sand Valley I really like this par 5. It's a split fairway par 5, where the landing area for most will be a wide area. You just have to miss the two trees that split the fairway. The fairway to the left is elevated giving you a great look of the hole. If you have the distance, you can challenge the gap between the two bunkers that constrict the fairway where they meet up. There is a nice bank to the left of the green that funnels shots back to the green.  Hole #13 - Lawsonia I like this par 5 because if you hit a great 2nd shot you can reach the green in two, or come up just short for an easy pitch. If you miss hit the 2nd shot you will hit a big bank and funnel back down into a small valley about 80-120 yards short of the green. Then you will have a tricky 3rd shot. A good challenging longer par 5.  Hole #14 - Mammoth Dunes This is a good short par 4, with a good drive you can challenge the front of the green. The bunker blocks the line to the green and forces a good strike. You can lay up short left which leaves you with a more blind shot to the green, but a flat lie. You can lay up right, have a clear look at the green, but maybe get a more challenging lie for your 2nd shot. The green is large, with a slight backstop to the left to catch errant shots.   Hole #15 - Lawsonia I like this par 4, it requires a good drive to have a short iron into a small green that is tucked back to the right. It is a good mix of hitting a good line off the tee to get a good angle to a smaller green. A nice challenging shorter par 4.  Hole #16 - Sand Valley I really like this par 4. The bunker challenges you off the tee to hit a great shot to have a mid iron into the green. If you clear the bunker, there is a big slope the rewards you with extra yardage. You have a line left of the bunker that is super aggressive. You can lay back right, but have a long iron into the green. The green is pretty large with bail out areas left and slightly long left. A bunker protects the front right. Any shot that ends up short is a very tricky pitch shot. Just a really challenging, and rewarding par 4.  Hole #17 - Mammoth  Mostly, I went with Mammoth because it was a par 4, and it was the better par 4 over Lawsonia. This was probably the weakest collection of holes over the four courses. SV par 3 was interesting at first, but I wish you could see the green. LLB par 3 is just a generic mid range par 3.  Hole #18 - Sand Valley If it wasn't for SV having one of the best finishing holes I've played in a long time, this would be extremely hard to pick. At SV, the finishing hole is a visually stunning par 5 up the hill. You have to navigate bunkers in the middle of the fairway, and bunkers that encroach on the right and left side. You can lay back to a wider landing area, or hit driver to make this a reachable par 5. The 2nd shot is tricky with a boomerang shaped green that lets you funnel a cut off some slopes. Right is a very difficult bunker shot. Just enough risk to make you think about going for it in two. Just a fantastic finishing hole.  Sand Valley - 9, Mammoth - 4, Lawsonia - 5, LLB - 0 Overall, Sand Valley took half of the holes for me. Lawsonia came in 2nd, but because the last 10 golf holes are very strong contenders. LLB didn't get picked, mostly because a lot of their holes were just OK to golf, but their very good holes got out shined by the other courses.   
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