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Scotch Drinkers Unite!

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'Bout time to bump this up again I think!

I'm a big fan of Balvenie: 12 yoa, 15 yoa, Doublewood, Portwood. They're all very well made.

Glenfiddich is good as is Glenlivet. I am partial to the single malts but JW Black is good and I learned to drink Scotch on JW Red.

I have an unopened bottle of 18 yoa Macallan I received as a gift when I retired from the Coast Guard. Not sure when I will open it, saving it for a "special occasion", just not sure what that will be but I'll know it when it happens.
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I was lucky enough to be stationed in Scotland in the Navy in 92 and we'd goto the different distilleries and taste the lovely liquid! :)

Now @ "Pete's Pub" (the name of my basement bar) I have 3 bottles of scotch
Johnny Walker Black
Johnny Walker Green (pobably my favorite JW)
Dewers almost gone.

Now, I had a Macallam(sp?) 25 after a phenominal steak dinner a few years ago that I wish I could have more of. It was perfect! Although we drank about 4 or 5 bottles of wine previous to that glass of scotch. but man it was good! Smooth and tasty!

Cigars...I'm a huge fan of Arturo Fuente :)

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Johnny Walker Black is my drink, usually mixed with ginger or soda. I also love Johnny Gold, Green or Blue on the rocks, but save them for special occasions due to price.
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Johnny Walker Black is my drink, usually mixed with ginger or soda. I also love Johnny Gold, Green or Blue on the rocks, but save them for special occasions due to price.

Ever have the Green? Gotta love it! And I like a little ginger with my scotch at times too, soda as well. But I do love a nice on the rocks too!

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Cigars...I'm a huge fan of Arturo Fuente :)

Fuente's are good. My cigar of choice these days are Rocky Patels. I favor the Honduran or Nicaraguan cigars as IMO they are more like Cubans. Dom Reps seem to be very harsh to me with the exception of some very expensive brands.

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I'm mostly a big beer geek, but when I drink liquor it's scotch. I usually have a couple of bottles around. I don't know enough to really know what's good or not yet, but I'm continuing my research. Right now I have a bottle of Glenlivet.

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I enjoy scotch, especially at the cigar bar... Anyways i dont have much experiance with the single malts, just the glenfidich (proabably wrong spelling) and glenlevit. Johnny black is my usually but will go gold, green or blue if the situation calls for it. I dont care for the red. I also have a bottle of chivas reserve 12yr that is in the decanter right now. Speaking of liquor anyone try some rye? Looking for a good canidate to try.
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  • 10 months later...

I have been a bourbon drinker ever since I started drinking liquor, but I recently have developed a real love for Scotch. I bought a bottle of Glenlivet and enjoyed it. Then I was out to dinner and asked the manager to recommend a Scotch to me and he brought me Highland Park...this stuff...it's just the nectar of the Gods. I went and bought a bottle of it at Binny's today. Well worth the $40 price tag.

I picked up a nice like old fashioned glass on clearance for $0.75 and I am enjoying it neat right now. I am really loving this whisky (I keep adding an "e" to whisky..." and I was hoping some of you who know Scotch better than me can throw some other brands out there for me to try.


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A good start is to try whisky from the six different regions and see what kind of whisky you like best, if it is the smoky whisky of the Islay and Island or if it is the softer and sweeter Lowlands. A simple start is the Six classic malts selection which contains:
Lagavulin 16 years, Islay .
Cragganmore 12 years, Speyside .
Talisker 10 years, Islands .
Glenkinchie 10 years, Lowlands .
Oban 14 years, west Highlands .
Dalwhinnie 15 år, Highlands .

My personal favourite distillery's are (depending on the mood I'm in)
Glenmorangie,Bruichladdich, Laphroaigh. But I'm in no way locked into these three distillery's as many other whiskylovers I tend to buy more whisky than I drink.

Good luck and welcome to the correct spelling of whisky.
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I have been a bourbon drinker ever since I started drinking liquor, but I recently have developed a real love for Scotch.

I still wonder when this transition will happen for me, I got into Walker for a little bit. I love bourbon but one wiff of scotch now makes my body twitch. Right now im stuck Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit until the stores get more of 20 year Van Winkle.

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Note: This thread is 4617 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I've been in a scenario similar before, except I was the player who went over the time and it was an assistant coach who found my first ball as I was addressing my provisional.  Yeah, it really sucks to find the first ball after it's already been declared lost. Knowing that you could have avoided the two strokes if you'd just looked "right over there" instead, but the ball was lost and now at least you aren't out the $4 of a nice ball (assuming you pay for balls, I know many high school/college golfers don't during school tournaments). There was no discussion or arguments on the course, I just told him to toss me the ball and continued to play my provisional, but after the round he pulled me aside to tell me I should have just played the original ball since it was found before I hit the provisional. In all honesty I probably would've scored worse from the position of the original ball (deep in a bush requiring a drop that still would leave me in a bad position), and the ball was already lost. A lost ball stays lost, and if you find it after it's no different than coming out of the woods with an extra couple balls left by earlier golfers. I've also had the coach/caddy of another player in summer tournaments try to twist the rules against me as some kind of "gotcha!" at the scoring tent (where he wasn't even supposed to be allowed) over an event that happened very early in the round. I had pointed out to his player that you can't play from inside of an ESA like you can with other lateral hazards, and apparently that upset him when the player agreed with me rather than him so he claimed I looked too long somewhere on the front 9 for my ball. I hadn't looked for that long, I found it before the other players even started playing their golf balls, but he got himself worked up enough that I just withdrew and left without signing my scorecard or dealing with any of that hassle. This was a guy who made a big deal on the first tee (and multiple other times throughout the round) about being a PGA Professional and that we should all listen to his advice (against the rules) because he was a pro. Those incidents, among others I've encountered along the way, have led me to believe that the people who want to bend the rules are most often the people not actually playing in the event itself, but those who are "indirectly participating" as a caddy/coach/etc. There are no consequences for them directly, if caught the blame lands on the player, but if their players do well they can take the credit. They also usually know enough about the rules to be dangerous, either from intentional or unintentional misinterpretation.
    • After having a golf simulator for 2 months my golf scores have stabilized tremendously. Previously I used to play in the mid to high 90s. My last 3 scores has been 89, 89 and 90 on tough courses. The biggest improvement is that I have completed a golf wedge matrix with 1/3, 2/3 and full swing distances and now I am able to hit the greens over 80% of of the time within 30 yards to 90 yards. This limits most bad holes to bogeys.  There are stretches of 9 holes that I have only 2 over. However, my slices and pulls sometimes resulted in big numbers on a few holes. With the golf simulator, I can see clearly that I still have an out to in swing. When I consciously pretend to have a glove under my right arm pit I hit the balls really well with no pull or slice in practice. However, on the course my pulls and slices often come back which results in double bogeys or even triple bogeys when I lose my balls. I am really optimistic. With the simulator and instant feedback I think I will be able to resolved my out to in swing problem in a few months.
    • Define long term. Because we are past the sixth month you wrote about. Vaccines aren’t new. The vaccine is proving to be pretty damn affective against the current variants and the more people get vaccinated the fewer future variants we will have. This vaccine is not going to stop every coronavirus ever. It’s not a SARS vaccine for example. Or a MERS vaccine. Waiting to see that given the evidence we have now is willful stubbornness. And the answer to your final question is that it will vary but even if it’s one year like the flu vaccine then we can have a lot more of a return to normalcy that you so crave, and fewer dead people, in the meantime and sooner. Look, you showed your hand when you called it an extended “clinical trial.” You don’t know what you’re talking about so you are pretending that you are waiting for more information when all of the information you should need as a member of society is out there. Vaccines are not new science. Even this type isn’t new. At the end of the day what you think are “reasons” are actually just excuses. I’m a contrarian. But I’m also not a moron. I understand and read the science. The data. You’re willfully not doing so, or willfully setting such a high bar to clear that you’re able to justify your inaction. It’s also your duty to protect others, which you are failing to do right now. If I could take a pill that had all the same data and information as the current vaccines that guaranteed to 95% effectiveness that I would never seriously injure someone else in a car accident I would take it immediately. Even though the odds of that are also pretty low.
    • Broke 80 for the first time last night (a 76).  Would love that sub-80 badge, please sir!
    • It's just a small amount of money with everyone chipping in $30 for the pot, with 3 places for F9, B9 and overall. I played yesterday and finished second place with a score of 90 and most importantly didn't blow up in the last two holes.
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