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    • Man, I’m stopping by here to just say that tomorrow is my first day off since starting, and I love this job. I’m having an insane amount of fun interacting with members, shadowing and helping out with the few lessons we’ve had and starting soon we’re going to be giving junior group lessons and I’m gonna be in charge of them. The club is still weary about doing more than private lessons because of the Corona Virus restrictions, but I’m hoping we can get group lessons going as helping people improve has been loads of fun. I can’t thank everyone on this forum enough for helping me out, there’s so much valuable information here and it’s given me such an advantage when teaching, and I’ve been able to bounce ideas off the head pro and he’s been shocked at how much I know.
    • First club championship for me, I qualified for the Championship level with a 75. First round I had a 76 and was one shot out of the lead. Sunday I start out par birdie, but still one shot out of the lead. Hit mydriver on the par 5 3rd hole right down the middle. My second shot was a little over 200 yards and I hit my 4 wood down the right side of the hole. I usually have a slight draw so it would have been perfect except it did not draw and landed right in the middle of the OB stakes. There was a debate whether or not it was OB. Finally I called it OB and played my provisional ball. Ended up making 7 and from that point on I was a wreck.   Hit the green on the next hole and proceeded to four putt. I had other holes with three putts and when I got to the ninth a drivable par 4 I tried do just that to hopefully make eagle or birdie and proceeded to hit out of bounds three times and ended up with a big fat 10. Shot 51 on the front nine and blew myself right out of the tournament. That one shot on the third hole just caused me to blow up. It was like being in a bad dream and I could not wait for it to end. 
    • Not a particular moment in a round, but a couple weeks ago I shot a personal best 80, with five double-bogey sixes. I’m not sure when the chance to break 80 will come around again, but those five holes will haunt me for awhile. 
    • Did an experiment hitting 20 balls with a 7-iron, stepping off the mat between each ball and putting in a full pre-shot routine before each swing. Swing speed numbers normalized quite a bit, which I'm happy about. Kind of obvious that I shouldn't expect consistency by just raking and whacking balls, but it was good to reinforce the importance of being deliberate and focused. Spin numbers seem a little low, hovering around 6000 rpm for 7-iron, but then again, I don't really have a baseline for spin since my last lesson and practice on a launch monitor was almost 3 months ago. I'm not too concerned about this, and I have a lesson on 6/8, so I'll see launch and clubhead data in a few days and have something to benchmark against practicing at home.
    • Day 179 Did a little exercise with the Mevo this evening to see if I could quell some of the variability I was seeing in swing speed. I warmed up with 15 balls, and then hit 20 more balls, stepping off the mat, doing a pre-shot routine, and then hitting the ball. The process seemed to work well, and I was able to get the standard deviation of SS down from 3.9 mph to 1.6 mph.
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