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I am having some trouble and would like some help. I was at Dicks Sporting Goods looking at some new irons. I like the diablo edge irons for awhile. Then tonight I noticed the taylormade burner ht irons, and the callaway warbird irons, as well as the nike slingshot irons.

So between the 4 irons i mentioned what would you choose and why. I dont want to spend a lot of my first irons.

Diablo edge

callaway warbird

taylormade burrner ht

nike slingshot mixed irons.

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As it happens, I was at Dicks this afternoon and tried the Adams A4r, and the Adams Idea tech A7's. I actually liked them both and hit them both equally well on the launch monitor (6 iron about 165 to 168 yds carry). The A4r's have a noticably heavier feel than the a7's but didn't affect swing speed or distance. Just for yuks, I also tried the TM Burner HT's and they were the lightest feeling of the 3. I had a couple of shots measure 170 (also the 6 iron) on the launch monitor but on average were the same as the Adams. All were easy to hit and easy to adjust to with the impact tape showing me how I needed to adjust my setup. Given the design and thin top line, I was surprised how easy they were to hit and how good they felt.

So depending on personal preference (and brand loyalty if any), the Adams A4r's were the best buy at $199.00. They are also eligible for Dicks trade in program which can get you another $50 dollars plus the value of your trade in. You can get $75 off on the A7's at $299 and $100 off on the TM Burner HT's at $349.

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I would encourage you to try the Edges out on a monitor someplace first and compare to one of the others. Reason I say that is because they come with a "uniflex" shaft which absolutely did not work for me. I bought a new set of Cleveland CG Gold irons with uniflex shafts and couldn't figure out why I wasn't playing well. Then I thought about the unifex shaft and as an experiment went back to my TA2's. Problem solved. Traded in the Golds for a set of CG7 tours in stiff flex and got my game back. I was just very inconsistent with the uniflex shafts. I have since bought new TM tour preferred CB forged irons that I like very much but I will never own anything with uniflex shafts again.

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I'd go with the X-20's over the Edges if you're a 20 handicap.  You should try hitting them first, but if you like them, you can get a new set of X-20 NG (New Grooves) 4i - PW, SW for $319.99 from Rock Bottom Golf.   Here's the link; http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/callaway-golf-x20-x-20-irons-set.html

Originally Posted by wallaby

Knowing me, ill just end up getting the edges.

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I think most of the Dicks stores have launch monitors now. But even if you had to go someplace else to see how the uniflex shaft would compare to a regular flex shaft, it would be worth it. The Callaway X20 new grooves are great clubs as well but they also come with the uniflex shaft.

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Note: This thread is 3490 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • This comment makes me think of Mid South #2. 😉 I assume you remember driving the green in fourball at 2017 Newport Cup.  Pretty sure that was a longer carry than this one lol. 
    • Just got home from Wisconsin.   Again, thank you @cipher and @iacas for setting this up and running this trip. I had a fantastic time and it was great to see most of you again and to meet some of you for the first time. The courses were amazing, and we could not have ask for better weather. The most rain we got was a few sprinkles today for like 3 minutes. 
    • Yes I know. We’re celebrating it.
    • Did you end up checking it out?
    • You know some people pay good money to be spectators at events like these. 😂. I have a friend who thinks I'm a slow player because I always get to the course after him, take two practice swings as part of my preshot routine, and use Aimpoint when putting what's m whereas he just hits and takes a look at his putt for a second or two before putting.  I don't think I'm a slow player but maybe i am 🤷‍♀️. That said, generally speaking, i don't have a family or anything i have a specific time that i have to get back for so a 4-4 5 hour round doesn't bother me as long as we're not stop, go, stop, go, stop, go.  If it feels like we're in rhythm then i generally won't be bothered bc the round won't feel like it takes a while.  I guess playing at public courses generally on weekends when you know it's going to be filled with ppl just makes me expect that a round won't be less than 4 hours.
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