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My club was sold, and will now reopen (Versus being turned into a subdivision)

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Last year, october, my club was shut down for financial reasons.
It then re-opened for two weeks after a one week shutdown.

At the end of the two weeks, it shut down for good, was foreclosed on, and the auction was set for January 10th, 2012

all the rumours in town were about how developers were going to buy it for housing developments.

I was quite concerned, as I live on the eighth hole, and did not want a development in my backyard

luckily, an investor who runs a driving range/pitch & putt, batting cage establishment wanted to get into "Big Boy Golf" and purchased for his family to operate.

Now I cannot wait until spring. Club will be private (Vs. semi-private last year) which I am enthused about.

He is giving interviews to local newspapers indicating his desire to return it to the top notch course it was in the past.

April 15th can't come fast enough!!

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I do not know yet...

I had paid 50% for 2012.

Waiting for new ownership to reach out to the members.

I hope they'll do something.

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Good news for you and I hope they honor your membership for next year at least. My only concern would be if the club will have enough members for it to immediately be a private club. It seems like a lot of private clubs are having financial trouble because of lack of members and a lot of them go semi private until the member base is built up.

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They likely won't want to alienate you or past members but it's tough to run a private club without membership initiation fees and annual dues.  Hopefully they have the capital to cover first years maintenance costs and have a strong model for signing up new members.

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One thing the new owner has is plenty of money.

time will tell if he is willing to spend it.

as of right now, he is saying all the right things to the locals.

we'll see.......................

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Note: This thread is 2458 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Thanks for posting that.  Now I know what you're trying to do.  The club is running parallel and you're using bisecting to describe that position. You're working on swing plane so I can tell you how to check for a good swing plane with confidence. Place the camera behind your hands and point it straight down the target line.  Draw a line with a swing app, I use V1 golf, from the hosel of the club and extend it to you're lower right elbow and stretch the line all the way up.  That's your elbow plane and the closer you can stay on that line coming down the better.  It may shallow below it during your transition which is fine, depending on your unique swing or above it if you are casting the club. So to be clear , hosel to right elbow and draw a nice straight line across those two spots from DTL. Can't tell but you may be trying to get under plane and getting too shallow.  That line is your guide to good swing plane.  Every swing is unique but that shaft needs to be getting near that line when the plane is coming down at some point. If you get dead on it when your hands are approaching your right hip, you're good.
    • I’m honestly really using my legs to start and feel like I’m squaring it up by turning my body around...kind of like I’m inside out...not in the golf sense but like I’m some kind of rubber ball with a cut in it being turned or squeezed inside out. It’s a hard feeling to explain. I think these are the correct motions. But the club isn’t behaving on video...yet. As for the hands, I really can’t feel either one during the swing I think they are working as a unit. And there might be a hit impulse but it honestly does feel like a swing. I can feel loading going back, I change direction with the hips that bumps them...at that time I feel like the club and everything is falling...and then I get that twisting inside out feeling I tried to describe. Now my hands are saving it at the end because they must. From everything I’ve heard good players talk about, I think these are correct feels. I’m either sending some forces wrong...or I don’t even know....but hey I can hit good shots lol. The goal is to get to scratch tho...all that and didn’t even mention that right leg in the downswing. But one mission at a time
    • Yes I’m trying. And ya, no kidding, it’s not like waving a wand. In my old/bad swing I got to this position with over the top and hit impulse and pulling the handle.
    • Day 46.  Another long day at work, another dozen balls in my indoor practice room when I got home.  Slowly hit, and I love the feeling.
    • Are you trying to bisect your lower forearm? ( not sure how that's even possible by coming down your elbow plane)  it should be your right bicep. Maybe I'm just not understanding you correctly.  In the model swing you did bisect your bicep ( upper half of the arm) and it was on plane. Now with a ball in the way I can tell you why it gets steeper.  You are trying to hit a ball and your right arm is firing to soon and wanting to take over for power but you don't need to do that. The right arm needs to stay passive until you post and release.  It will only steepen the shaft if you don't wait.  Your left arm needs to be the dominant player up until the last moment then you can use your right side to generate more speed by releasing the snot out of the golf club.  If you want to try something, hit some at a little slower speed and keep your right arm quiet and see if you have improvement. One drill would be to hit some easy ones with just your right finger tips touching the grip. The challenge is to break through with a ball in the way.  It takes time, stay patient with it.  But right arm dominance early in the swing causes the shaft to get steep. 
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