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Golf Radio Shows in DFW

Note: This thread is 3346 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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Does anyone here in DFW know what happened to the Golfers Home radio show that used to be on ESPN Radio and then on KLIF? Steven Gribin was the host. I listen to the Teebox on the Ticket on Saturday mornings and used to listen to the Golfers Home on Sundays but haven't been able to find it recently. I'm thinking it must be off the air now but wanted to see if anyone knows the scoop. Thanks.

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Too bad Steven grew a little too big for his britches and left ESPN - at least, that is the impression I received. And perhaps now he has fallen?

His website is still up. the golfers home...

The Sunday ESPN show is bad - they spend maybe 25% of the time on golf.

The Saturday show on the ticket - at least they try -- but they do seem bored at times.

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I think you must be right, Mr. Gribin got too big for his britches. The ESPN show is bad. It's not even a golf show anymore.

I like The Teebox.

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Note: This thread is 3346 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Edel has released new wedges (the "SMS Wedges" or "Swing Match System Wedges"), and they're being discussed here: I'll keep this topic open, as it's still got good information, but please consider posting in the new topic instead.
    • Edel: "The Swing Match System Wedges are the most exciting technology brought to the wedge category since, well, ever. Our new Swing Match Weighting Technology allows you to finally fit a wedge to your swing. With three machined out weight ports and interchangeable weights to optimize the club to your swing. In our internal studies, testers showed a 44% increase in accuracy down range in distance and lateral dispersion combined. 80% of testers saw their best spin results with the weight somewhere other than center." Wedges - Edel Golf Edel Wedges are designed & manufactured from the ground up. Proper bounce & sole design make our hand-ground wedges perform where it matters most; at impact. Edel SMS Wedges Edel wedges have been a favorite of mine since their introduction about nine years ago: Edel wedges tend to be higher-bounce wedges with grinds that provide varying amounts of heel and toe relief and, contrary to a lot of low-"faux"-bounce options from Vokey and other wedge makers, a typically narrow, higher-camber sole. Many wedge makers like wider soles with lower bounce because amateurs often mistakenly think they want a low-bounce wedge, but the wide sole acts to increase the effective bounce of the club(s). The wide sole also reduces versatility. The new SMS wedges reduce the lineup to four grinds, the C-, T-, V-, and D-Grind. C-Grind: The C-Grind is a cambered shaped grind with lower bounce and a wider sole; this grind is optimal for golfers with shallow to moderate angles of attack with a smaller divot. This is a shotmakers wedge. The extra sole width allows you extreme versatility for bunker play and green side shots in the higher lofts; while being able to work in all turf conditions in the lower lofts. T-Grind: The T-Grind is a triple sole grind with three surfaces; utilizing a high bounce leading edge, followed by a crescent shaped lower bounce surface, and extreme heel relief. This grind is optimal for golfers with a moderate to steep angle of attack with normal sized divot. These three surfaces allow you to open the face without increasing the effective bounce for better performance on tight lies. V-Grind: The V-Grind is a V-shaped grind with medium-high bounce; this grind is optimal for golfers with a moderate to steep angle of attack with a larger divot. Inspired by our most popular DVR grind, this sole is great for golfers with a steeper swing motion. A higher bounce angle closer to the leading edge allows this sole to engage with the turf quickly; resulting in minimal hesitation through sand or turf. D-Grind: The D-Grind is a dual surfaced high bounce option, optimal for golfers with a steep angle of attack and a large, deep divot. A channel in the midsole area creates a dual sole with two separate bounce surfaces. The high bounce leading edge allows the wedge to cut through the turf at impact without resistance while the high bounce on the second surface prevents any excessive digging. SMS Weights Edel ships with the fitting kit 2g, 4g, 6g, 8g, and 10g weights. They fit into each of the three weight ports in the back of the wedge. These weights can be moved, and should be moved during the fitting, to primarily affect the spin and other important launch characteristics. In fact, according to Edel: 80% of the golfers tested saw their best spin numbers with the weight somewhere other than center. Average increase in backspin was 10.04% from lowest spinning location to highest spinning location of weight Golfers averaged about 40% improvement in carry and lateral distances to the target when fit with the SMS system and the proper weight configuration for that player. Stock wedge will come with two 2g and one 8 gram weight: 2g is Titanium, 4g is 304 Stainless Steel, 6g, 8g, and 10g are Tungsten. Edel SMS wedges are: Forged from soft Japanese 1025 carbon steel Bounce and Sole precisely CNC machined to the tightest tolerances in the industry Full face coverage groove profile Micro Engraved face texture for maximum surface texture roughness CG optimized through shortened hosel length Precisely applied cream chrome finish Customized hand-stamping and paint fill The grinds are, in order from C to T to V to D, generally accepted for the firmest to the softest conditions, or the shallowest to the steepest angles of attack. The grinds, their amounts of bounce, etc. can be seen in this image. For example, the V-Grind goes from 12° bounce in the 48° wedge to 15.5° in the 54° and 30° in the 60° wedge. But… Typical bounce numbers on wedges are somewhat arbitrary. They're almost all "effective bounce" that really has no standard. Edel SMS wedges have no bounce # on the sole. The forgiveness in a wedge is in the sole design, and depends or is related to the golfer's delivery, the lie, etc. Every Edel wedge, every grind and sole, has a specific purpose. Bounce is a function of the delivery, the shaft angle, and many other factors, and no bounce angle makes you a "better wedge player," but finding the proper bounce and grind that fits your delivery can help you be more consistent with what you are doing. Fitting There are three main goals to a fitting: Optimize back spin. Optimize Face-to-path Dial in Directional and Distance Dispersion Most fittings will start with roughly five 60-yard shots with your current highest-lofted gamer wedge to determine and measure (roughly a 3/4 shot): Angle of Attack Swing Speed General Ability Baseline numbers for improvement If the golfer is steeper, start with the V-Grind and explore possibly using the D-Grind. If they're shallow, start at the C- and consider moving to T- or possibly V-. Hit shots with a 2-8-2 configuration to find the proper grind. Then, hit five shots each with the 8 weight in the toe, heel, and center to compare spin numbers. The necessary location will become obvious for most based on their feel, the sound and the launch monitor numbers. Fit for the shaft next by using the lowest lofted full swing wedge (most likely the 50° wedge), and optimize speed and spin. Paying attention to the transition will help determine the shaft weight and flex. Then come back to adjust for the heavy weight by using either the 4, 6, 8, or 10g weight. Photos Wedge Face at Address Full Face Grooves for More Spin All Over the Face "We know wedges are the ultimate utility club and the SMS wedges are designed to enhance the versatility you need. Our full face groove pattern gives you more groove coverage to ensure you get spin when you need it, whether you’re hitting a full shot or a laid-flat flop shot out of the deep rough. The laser engraved diamond texture increases the face texture for even more spin." C-Grind Versus my Driver Grind (all 54°) The C-Grind is a Cambered grind with lower bounce (and thus a wider sole) which favors a shallower AoA and firmer conditions. T-Grind Versus my Driver Grind (all 54°) The T-Grind is a Triple grind sole (with a high-bounce very narrow leading edge, a lower-bounce crescent-shaped middle, and relief in the back), allowing you to open the face without increasing the effective bounce. V-Grind Versus my Driver Grind (all 54°) The V-Grind is a V-shaped grind with medium-high bounce and is inspired by the DVR (driver) grind from the previous line of wedges. The high-bounce leading edge interacts with the turf quickly, while more severe heel- and toe-relief provide some versatility. D-Grind Versus my Driver Grind (all 54°) The D-Grind is a Dual-grind sole (also called a "bullet cut" sole) with a channel cut through a moderate bounce plane which provides two effective high-bounce surfaces. Edel SMS Wedge Fitting Kit T-Grind Fitting Weights Grinds and BB&F Ferrules (C-, T-, V-, and D-Grinds shown left to right) V-Grind Lots (50°, 54°, 58°) Hosel Stamping Face Texture Options Two options are available: A standard, essentially pre-built wedge (with the shaft, grip, etc. that you order), that has a standard ferrule and loft stamped with no custom stamping. The same standard wedge with custom paint fill colors, an exclusive BB&F ferrule (black and silver or the exclusive Edel red, black, and silver), and stamping for your name, initials, etc. on the back of the wedge in one of three styles (Monogram, Leaderboard, or Scattered). Many, many shafts are available, with the stock being the Nippon Modus Wedge Shaft. But all 15 options are (graphite shafts are marked as such, others are steel): KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 115 (R) KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 125 (S) KBS Wedge 110 (R) KBS Wedge 120 (S) KBS Tour-V Wedge (125g, S) KBS C-Taper 120 (S) True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Nippon NS Pro Zelos 7 (R) Nippon NS Pro 950 GH (R) Nippon NS Pro 950 GH (S) Nippon NS Pro Modus3 Wedge 105 Nippon NS Pro Modus3 Wedge 115 Nippon NS Pro Modus3 Wedge 125 Graphite: KBS Max Graphite Iron 65 Graphite: Paterson Kinetic Ballistic KG95 A sixteenth shaft, the NS Pro Modus3 115 shaft is given in a +1" length, too. The grips will be the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. MSRP MAP on the standard wedges (the non-custom ones) is $199.99. MAP on the custom wedges is $225. The weights, btw, will be solidly affixed to your wedge heads. I've asked if they're still screwed in, but cemented in (with Loctite or something else semi-permanent), or what, and am awaiting word.
    • Sorry I’m late to the party…but damn….congrats! That’s awesome!
    • Thanks to everyone who let me share the moment with ya.  @David in FL, @paperclip, @measureoffsetinnm, @Shindig, @ChetlovesMer, @Zippo, @TourSpoon, @overfade, @Double Mocha Man, @Nail, and @ncates00--thanks for the comments and encouragement!   You'll definitely get there.  Maybe when ya least expect it--then...boom! Haha.  Thanks, Zippo.  My wife took a 'normal smile' pic, and, well...let's just say I'm not photogenic.  'Whoo! face' won out. Wade
    • Day 130 (16 May 21) - went back to the Day 21 drill of last year’s 30 Day Covid-19 plan, i.e. low point drill.  Too many strokes lately that were fat, especially the irons.  Took a thin towel, 8i and foam golf balls worked on the downswing to get more consistent impact of ground after the ball.  
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