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    • I'll be interested in hearing further from you as to the solution and/or drill(s) your Golftec instructor gives you for your casting issue. Over the winter I had three Golftec lessons specifically for just that. I won't say now what the drills were, but suffice it to say I was forewarned that there would be no quick fix which has turned out to be true. I'm curious if the drills you get are similar to the ones I was given, or not.
    • Good for Reed. I became a fan of his during the "5 best" controversy. I like guys that aren't afraid to speak their mind. I'm ready to put him up there on my list with Sergio.
    • That schedule looks a little on the shitty side for the better players. If Tiger continues this form throughout 2018, he should qualify for all 4 WGC Events and not have to sectional qualify for the U.S. Open at Pebble. I think he plays API, The Player's, and Match Play... Unless he needs World Ranking points for some reason. The Valspar will probably be a much weaker field next year. All of this is necessary because of the PGA Championship moving to May (I believe in the Players spot). It's not a terrible idea, but it takes great courses like Oak Hill and Hazeltine almost out of the rotation, especially if Minnesota and Upstate NY see a harsh winter. (Sorry Erik, I know it's only partially related).  Is the WGC-Mexico Championship going bye bye, or moving to the fall?
    •   Crazy thing is men's golf has barely tapped the possible talent waiting in countries like China/India. At some point people have to acknowledge the reality that it's not a coincidence so many of the biggest winners on the PGA Tour were born before 1950. When you look at the list and see the birth years, it really puts Tiger's 79 wins and Phil's 43 wins into proper perspective. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_golfers_with_most_PGA_Tour_wins
    • Killing some time today and wanted to try these 2 irons.  Since everything seems to be more of the same, I really wanted to see what was up with hollow body and foam filled  offerings.  Both were 7 irons with the DG105 shafts.  I currently play the Ping i-e1 with a Modus 105 so I figured it'd be great hitting the same weight shaft as my own irons. Yeah...no.   Taylormade was ok.  Looked good at address, top line and head size reminded me of the TM CB irons.  Ball flight was just what I expected for a 7 iron...not high, not low.  Sound...clicks a bit.  I hate now they say forged on them...because that is not a forged feel when it's not one solid piece.  Didn't care for the shaft...I don't know why. Ping was worse.  Blade was long looking at address with a bit more offset than the TM but not bad at all.  Ball flight was so high that I didn't see the first 2 I hit.  Not in the "window " I was looking in.  Stupid high. Also a lot of high and rights...really hated the whole package.  Again...really disliked the shaft. Just for the heck of it I went in and grabbed a TM 770 7 iron with. KBS 120.  Like night and day with what I was just hitting.  Lovely feel, everything either straight or a tiny draw like I wanted.  Effortless...now you would think the SGI irons would be no brainers but  it was the opposite.  I'm thinking maybe head weight is different with the SGI heads because my own Pings with a 105 gram shaft feel fine...then again...it's a Modus3. I Was hoping the Ping and TM would shine but not for me.
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