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can't chip the ball to save my life

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Originally Posted by Jimdangles View Post

Take all these into consideration. The nice thing about chipping is you can do it in your front yard, back yard, or a park nearby. I personally feel that chipping doesnt take any power so I swing kind of like a putter. As little body movement as possible and only use your shoulders. Keep a stiff left arm, and dont be afraid to hit the ball. especially with a 56. hit it right and youll get mostly loft. chipping is really a feel thing as far as power goes. I also like the ball towards my front foot and i keep my weight on the left foot but it all depends on lie. take a few practice swings just to get your desired power down and stay down through the ball and accelerate through.

I've tried this, but the thing is with a lower lofted club such as a 7 or 8 you have to hit the ball so lightly - takes so much more feel to hit that shot (I always overshoot the hole).   I chip with my 50° gap wedge most of the time - you can take a firmer swing & also, don't have to read the green all the way in, only from your landing spot in, which is much closer to the pin.     I guess there are advantages both ways, but for me, I don't have the touch necessary for the longer clubs around the green.

Agree with this. I normally chip with the P wedge that came with my set. I find I can keepnit low and make solid contact. My biggest issue is decelerating - always leads to a bad results. I find chipping around the green with the sand or lob wedge to be much more difficult.

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One thing that I started doing a while back that really helped me was not focusing on the hole, but a spot where I wanted to ball to land. When I first started, I always looked at the hole as my target before chipping. Now I will pick a spot on the green, and try to chip to there. It has really helped me get the ball closer, instead of speeding past.

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Note: This thread is 3349 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • It’s interesting that a fellow competitor won’t help. I’m pretty sure we all help someone in our group look for an errant ball. But here they are trying to Monday Qualify. Perhaps they were tied or 1 up or down and dear old dad decided it would be in his sons best interest not to help.  Who knows, pure conjecture on my part. How do you handle assisting a fellow player?  I have to say hitting my 2nd shot before assisting another player is my priority to keep my place of play going for the round. I’m more than happy to assist after that. The only time I deviate from that is when they didn’t see where it went but I had a line on it. Did that several times today as a guest had poor eye site.  It actually helped pace of play.
    • It’s been ramping up. More and more people are aware.
    • For awhile there, I would do a search on "US Open" to get the leaderboard. I would get directed to the tennis site, while the golf's US Open was being played. Bad search engine.
    • Aww, yeah, def Tinder photo worthy!👍😁 Really late to this but had a blast seeing and playing with everyone again and meeting and cool folks.  Thanks, @iacas, for organizing it.  Can't wait for the next one!
    • Word, brother, was awesome playing and riding with you! 🙌
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