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    • Damn Kevin…I’m not even an instructor but I certainly think you’re doing yourself a disservice in all this pondering and video searching. Not to be an ass but you're all over the place. You’re building a house and analyzing the kitchen sink before even having the foundation poured. Have a good instructor give you a priority piece then focus on that and that alone. You’ll find much better progress that way. Just my two cents.🙂
    • Both, I'd like to know if there's biomechanical advantages in having the hands higher at the top of the swing and if that was the case I'd see if I could incorporate it into mine & if it would be suitable 
    • @KevinBlake, are you asking for your swing or just in general? Because if it’s the former, which it feels like it is, you’re going about this all wrong.
    • In my case, no. Definitely not an absolute formula for everyone.  Some like me need to go the other way. I've been working with @iacas for months to reduce it. I agree with other posters. 
    • Day 282: Played 18 again this morning. Driver wasn’t as good, but short game was better. Played with three older guys, two in their 80s and one in his 70s. I walked, they rode carts,  we finished in 3:15. We were behind four women, 3 in carts and one walking. They never held us up. So there goes the old people are slow theory.
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