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PRICE DROP - Adams Golf Idea Pro A12 Hybrid - 18 Degree - Regular Flex

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I have an almost new Adams Idea Pro A12 hybrid. 18 degree which is essentially a 2 iron. Bought it new a few weeks ago for my dad and he hit maybe 40 balls in total with it. He needs something a little more forgiving. No sky marks on the crown, very light face scratches. Very easy to hit and produce a nice, high, soft landing shot. Much easier to hit then your conventional 2 irons. Comes with a regular flex, white Matrix Ozik Altus shaft and a Golf Pride New Decade grip in white/black . Headcover is also included. Please let me know if you have any questions. $120 $100 shipped CONUS.

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    • I get the "no cargo shorts" thing. They are NOT traditional, and they're a terrible look. They're baggy, wrinkly and silly. No one wants to see people in baggy, wrinkly clothes on the golf course. Besides, you don't need to be carrying "cargo" in the first place. You're not on safari. You're playing golf. You've got a golf bag with multiple pockets and, most likely a golf cart with plenty of room for most anything you'll need during 18 holes. Save the cargo shorts for your next hike in the bush.  
    • I think Joe LaCava needs to start looking around....
    • If it’s private, one hour may be fine. I’ve only done group lessons and they were two hours. It’s well worth it.
    • I love putting and I'm generally considered to be a good putter, so a few things that might help: At the level you are trying to play, shooting 80, a median miss should be about 10% of distance (a tour pro is 5%). So from 40 feet you should be within 4 feet at least half the time, from 20 feet you should be within two half the time. So, and I'm making this up a little bit, if you are regularly more than 6-8 feet from 40 feet or more than 4 feet from 20 feet, you should work on your lag putting. As someone else said, make sure you're realistic. I spent a winter practicing 30 foot putts in my basement. I got better at them. I make more, but not enough to ever notice in my score. I spent another winter hitting, and I do not exaggerate, thousands of 7 foot putts (that's the amount of carpet I had to work with). My make putting got better and I could see it in my scores. For me I think of an 8 footer (3 steps) as a make putt, maybe extend to 10-15 feet for an easy uphill putt and shorten to 5 feet on fast downhill putts. Everything else is a lag where it's a bonus if it goes in.
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