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Would a lesson be worth it?

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Hey everybody,

I've been playing golf for a while now, but the past two summers are when I've really started playing courses regularly and getting more serious about it and trying to improve my game.

I've never had a consistent swing....it constantly changes from season to season and although I usually work something out by the mid-end summer, by that time I don't really have much of a window to stay consistent before winter rolls in.

I just went to the driving range yesterday after watching a video on the proper swing, and my short irons were sort of alright....but my 5 iron to my driver would literally slice viciously to the same exact spot nearly every time (unless I just completely flubbed it).

I had my friend video tape my swing, and man was it ugly. I'm off balance, my posture is bad, I come inside, I have no idea what my wrists are doing, it was just horrendous. I've thought about getting a lesson before, but I was never really sure if I really needed one, of if I could work it out myself.

I was thinking about going to my local Golfer's Warehouse and having a video taped lesson with one of their PGA pro instructors, do you guys think it would be worth it? If not, is there any video or guide that can help me swing correctly if I practice on my own? I just never know how to fix my own swing, and my friends see the issues, but they can't tell me how to fix them, and we're all around similar skill level anyways.

What do you guys think?


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making a swing change takes time.

find someone who is good and work with it for a longer time.

lessons from someone good is always a good thing however to find a good trainer can be hard.

My current re-tooling is 5 months on with daily work at home and range.

Now after 5months things have gotten where I wanted them to be.

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I think it would be worth your time to get a lesson.  I'd make sure they video tape you too.  Buy one to start with and make sure you like the instructor.  Then ask him about package deals.

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There are literally THOUSANDS of books, videos, devices, dvd's, phone apps and well meaning friends out there willing to give you any kind of help. For lot's of money or some are free. Nothing wrong with getting a Video Swing analysis to find the problems. That's the EASY part. The hard part is finding the correct path to enlightenment. Since today is Star Wars Day, I will remind you to "use the Force, 1113, use the Force." You are going to get all kinds of advice, tips, training tips, etc... you will have to narrow your search to someone or something that will work with your swing- start with playing partners or friends who might suggest a Pro for a series of lessons. I even think that Ledbetter or somebody will take the video of your swing and send a lesson plan to fix your problems- not cheap, but probably less than one on one with the man himself. If you want to improve, you will have to take the initiative and make it work for you. p.s.- and don't expect to improve after a few lessons. scores will likely go UP... quite a bit, actually, until the something 'clicks' in your head and your swing... but what will happen is this: you'll get your swing analyzed, you get a lesson or two. Things don't work like you think and you fall into your old habits. then another lesson or 2 and things get a little better, but not as you would like and you start falling back again to the old ways. It's a vicious cycle and what makes golf lessons very profitable for those that give them! :-D
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take lessons over the winter so you can improve on the range,

then take it to the course ALL season ratehr than get halfway through before things get good

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Thanks for all the great (and fast!) replies everyone. I think I will take the lesson, it says that they use swing analysis software, as well as video tape the whole lesson which they give to you at the end, so at least I'll have something to reference back to. And if the first one i good, maybe I'll see if they have any affordable package deals to go back for a couple more.

I'm really motivated to fixing my swing and swinging correctly so I think I'll benefit from it, I'm not too worried about my score because A. I never feel good about a good score if I just compensated for a mistake or a weakness instead of doing it correctly and B. it can't really get much worse than it is ;)

Thanks again everybody!

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Note: This thread is 3228 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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