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Took my wife golfing today.....

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  1. 1. Do you play golf with your spouse/other?

    • of course I do its fun
    • no way are you nuts?
    • Only if I have to
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OK OK OK  Yes I took my wife golfing today.....

First a little background.  My wife is an athletically inclined big time.  She was all state in high school three sports and is a phys. ed teacher and she can be very emasculating at times when we go head to head (in pretty much anything)  I hate admitting it but its true....That said she plays golf twice a year at most but I've always seen potential there..just not much enthusiasm to play.  She had never broken 50 and seldom even played 18 holes.  Well this year I picked her up a new set of taylormade irons, new driver, new fairway woods, new spikes, new bag and even a new glove just to get her a little more psyched about playing, and she has been but hasn't been able to get out for a full round at all.  Well tonight we did....after a huge slice on 1, I gave her two pointers,  one on ball placement on her drive, and keeping her left arm straight....BOOM she's driving them straight down the fairway 180--220 every time..her chipping was bad...I told her to stop breaking her wrist...BAM she popping them up and on for short putts.....she ended up shooting a 47 and got par on #3 and birdied #6...I'm in trouble...golf was the only thing I could beat her at..I think I've created a monster. WHY WHY WHY did I do this to myself?????

Seriously though, I do enjoy playing golf with my wife.  Anybody else play golf with their spouse/other?  Hows that go?,

Oh and for the record...I shot a 41 so she still hasn't beat me yet.....

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I'm single now, but I was dating a girl last year from April through June and we went golfing a couple times a month.  It was fun.


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My wife doesn't play but she talks about it occaisionally and she even brought up getting lessons. Now reality tells me she won't get into it because it's just not her thing but we do run together. I dated a girl that played but it drove me insane to play 18 with her since she was the type who made it a social event.

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I play with my wife all the time she loves it big time and is not a bad striker of the ball , we are off for  5 day residential golf lessons so after that im hoping we`ll both be playing better . Dont want her to get to good though and start beating me lol

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After getting divorced from a woman who couldn't stand golf because she was the biggest cheater at any game she played, Case in point: She brought home Video Game Monopoly one day, and we only played it only once as a family (2 Kids) because she couldn't steal money from the bank, and promptly lost. And she was an incredibly nasty sore loser.

I made myself a personal promise that any girl I found must have her own clubs... And luckily I found one! Granted they we're an ugly set of "war clubs', which I replaced with a brand new set of Ladies clubs as we dated. We're now engaged to be married.

While I love the opportunity to play with just  the guy's on occasion, I really do appreciate every time we play together. And better yet, The boys also like it when I bring her along in our foresome! Now someone mentioned her making it a social event... Oh Yea! I have to constantly remind her that once She's within 20 feet of her ball, all of her talking stops. And she's also a certified flower show judge in New England and must look at every flower planting on the course and give her critique.

Now the better part, She's twelve years into a twenty year enlistment with the Navy Reserves, so She's got a military I.D. We've played both courses at Oceana Air Force base, and played at Twin Creeks Naval Amphibious Base, Both in Virginia. I go with her two or Three times a year to her normal base and basically listen to the National Anthem played for me at 8 am, on both Saturday and Sunday and play golf non stop. I can average 50 to 60 holes, both walking and riding per weekend. We're thinking of going to West Point next Summer and playing there together. We made a special trip to New Jersey 3 weeks ago just to visit the USGA Hall of Fame, we had a blast!

She's actually in NYC right now working a First Aid station for Fleet Week, It is Memorial day today after all. We played 9 holes back on last Monday before I drove her down to Brooklyn to the hotel she's staying at.

Now, as for Wining and Losing... This woman can Putt! Once on the Green, she's deadly. Since I'm not a long distance driver off the Tee, If I play her from the Whites, she'll most likely win the match. If I play her both of us off the Reds, I got a good chance to beat her. I have a better short game than she does. We went into this season tied even at 11 games apiece. I'm up by two thus far in 2012, but she tried a new Putter this year and it threw her off a little. After last Monday I think she's going back to her old Putter... I'm Doomed!

Lastly, When we first started dating, we hadn't played a round of golf together, as it was the end of that season. For that first Valentines Day together (and every one since) she gets us an hour of practice and 18 holes on a simulator for us. I told her to never do anything else for Valentines again!

It doesn't get better than this...

~Tom & Jeanette

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I play golf to get away from my wife! I know a lot of guys who really enjoy playing with their wives so more power to you. I really don't like playing with women in general. I am too competitive, so unless my wife carried a handicap less than 10 I would probably drive her nuts. It would be awesome though to be married to a woman who was as competitive on the course as I am. Hmmm maybe wife number three.....

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Currently playing with my wife is challenging. She loves the game and is slowly getting better, but is still in the not making consistent contact stage. I'm pretty patient...but it does have an effect on my game and that's what's hard about it. I think ultimately she'll get to the point where she's pretty good and then it will be a lot of fun...right now it's challenging.

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Originally Posted by sean_miller

She doesn't care for it. She's better at it than she thinks, but she's not good enough that she finds it fun.

My wife plays but she too is better at it than she thinks. She's decent. I don't help her much... you know how that goes. :) Just one thought for the round, her biggest thing. She's getting better all the time.

I asked some women golf pros whether a statement I've been making to my wife is at all accurate. The statement is: "If you make contact with the ball every time you swing you're already better than 50% of women."

I was surprised by their response, which was basically: "Yeah, you're wrong. It's more like 70 to 80%."

So... yeah.

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Nah, I've never had a girlfriend who golfed...well I did last summer but we never went. DON'T LET HER GET ANY BETTER!! Haha she must be a fast learner. Teach her the wrong things: keep your weight on your back foot, don't bend your knees and your back, etc...things like that, that aren't too obviously wrong ;) lol. Just use her playing good as a way to incourage you to improve even more. You've gotta win at something.

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she won't play enough to beat me....if she ever joined a league or played regularly...she'd beat me easy..just a natural tallent....ticks me off sometimes.....like at every other sport....

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I'd love to be able to play with my wife....but she isn't interested in the least with golf.  She is more into the Real Housewives of Bitchiness.

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My wife doesn't have an athletic bone in her body, rolling dice at bunco is about as athletic as it gets for her.  She has tried to swing a club, but it was very obvious that she would never get it off the ground so that was the end of that.  She has ridden in the cart with me when we where on vacation in Palm Springs years ago, but only that once!

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My wife is incredibly uncoordinated and anti-athletic. She works out by running on a treadmill, and that is it. Sometimes I wonder how she doesn't fall on the treadmill. I sometimes wish that she was athletic and would play with me, but anytime I ask her to try golf it causes a spat. If your wife plays golf with you and you both genuinely enjoy it, THANK GOD FOR THE GIFT HE GAVE YOU. I don't mean that in a bitter way, there are other things in this world besides golf to do with your wife.

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My wife and I took up golf at the same time (1.5 yrs ago), which was an ideal arrangement.   Imagine it would be tougher to play with your wife as a beginner if you were already an established player.     She looks forward to it as much as I do - I think she's improving faster than me now as she has taken lessons ... she loves the (unfortunately becomming more frequent) outdriving me from the ladies tee !!       We have some great times on the golf course ... I just wish I could get her to the practice range & help her work on some things - she doesn't take direction nearly as well from me as her teacher (she's all about just playing the course)...

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Note: This thread is 3342 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Nah. Folks like Thomas can't fathom that a bunch of people can independently arrive at the conclusion that he's a dope. So it must be that I have "minions" (his words) who just suck up to me. Ha. As if.
    • I applaud this for the simple reason that there has to come a time when people are called out for who they really are - even though  in this case the perpetrator proudly demands that we know what he is -  despite gentle and not so gentle prodding with regard to at most getting a simple education and at the least showing the capacity for understanding simple concepts that one assumes most of us share, but sadly, don't. It's one thing to be belligerent, crude, crass, grumpy and just plain dumb, but to be so wilfully and proudly out of touch is something else. To essentially mock a movement that is designed to create inclusivity and recognise an ugly history and see it as a joke is about as low as it gets. Now more than ever, this sort of mentality needs to be called out.  Rant over.    
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