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What's Your Favorite Club?


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  1. 1. whats your favorist club in you bag and why?

    • driver
    • 2 wood (strong 3 wood)
    • 3 wood
    • 4 wood
    • 5 wood
    • 7 wood
    • hybrid (please specify loft)
    • 2 iron
    • 3 iron
    • 4 iron
    • 5 iron
    • 6 iron
    • 7 iron
    • 8 iron
    • 9 iron
    • pw
    • gw (specify loft)
    • sw (specify loft)
    • lw (specify loft)
    • xw (specify loft)
    • putter
    • other (specify)

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I have used my Cobra S3 3W for many years, it is my go to club off the tee and the fairway. If it breaks I'm screwed.

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Driver for me....it's also a strength in my game....I'll also use driver even on shorter par 4's....I rarely hit my 4W off the tee on par 4's or 5's..

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My favoirite club is my 7 iron as it's usually one of the first ones I grab on the practice tee, and i have great confidence with it. However, my 54* sand wedge is usually the one that saves my ass on the golf course.

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JPX FLI-HI 4 hybrid iron replacement. Drives aren't so long anymore, and this great club saves the 2nd shot many times for me. Best, -Marv

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I am having a really hard time with this question. Driver, hybrid, and irons are non-contenders. Driver and hybrid are too schizophrenic and I don't have a favorite iron. Putter is out because I am not particularly attached to the one that I play. 60 degree (LW) is out because I only hit 1-2 shots with it for every 5 rounds. That leaves SW, GW, and 3W. I feel very confident with my GW on full shots (75-90 yards) and on chips (it's my primary chipping club). I play the SW on shots inside of 70 yards all the way down to chipping. I also pull it for most flops that I run across, and it generally doesn't let me down. My 3 wood is almost always a good contact club, and it can go anywhere from 190-220 yards depending on roll out. Sometimes this club really saves a hole when I have a junk drive that doesn't go very far.

I think that based on frequency and consistency of strike, my sand wedge has to be the answer. It covers the largest amount of yardage and I am always comfortable with it in my hands.

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    • Simply the best! Muirfields
    • Thanks guys, yeah that is definitely something to consider if I go down that route about the pairing and tags for sure @Missouri Swede.
    • Yes, you can manually tag the putts with the iPhone app, the Apple Watch app, or on their Link belt device. (I don’t have the link—I use either the watch or iPhone.) In fact, it’s pretty common for me to adjust the # of putts as I finish a hole, since I often have to add on the tap in putts—I don’t have the patience to let it register a tap in. You do have to pair the putter sensor with the app. If you don’t, the system won’t work at all (just the way they designed the system, I guess). Found this out the hard way: my putter sensor died, and I tried to re-pair it, unsuccessfully. No big deal, I thought. Except next time I went to play (replacement not yet arrived), it wouldn’t let me start the round: “need to pair your putter.”  Next time the putter sensor died, I knew better: ordered replacement, but didn’t un-pair the dead sensor.  Arccos thought I was chipping in every hole, no putts recorded.  I just added the putts manually as I went. So for you, pair the putter sensor at home (a onetime thing), put it away in your desk or wherever—don’t throw it away, because you’ll probably need it sometime in the future. Then add all putts manually, as I did when my sensor died. Here are what the iPhone app and Apple Watch app screens look like (don’t know what Android looks like—I get the impression it’s set up better for Apple): [Yes, I’m on my third sensor now.  First one lasted about 5 months IIRC. Second one only lasted 23 rounds.  Both replaced free under warranty — forget if it’s 1 or 2 years. But I’m a little concerned they both died so quickly.]  
    • Another cold day where it didn't get above 50 during the round. Played the outside (Hills at Community) 45-46-91. 4 pars offset by 4 doubles and a triple, the rest being bogeys. Only two 7s on the card which is good by me, just can't get back into the 80s. Iron play was as good as yesterday, if not better. Driver was keeping the ball in play which helps too. Just some poor 3 wood shots that really hurt me, one being a full top that went 5 yards in front of me. Glad that Ohio weather hasn't shut me down all the way yet. This also marked my 60th round played at my home courses for the year. I've probably played 80 total though because my courses were closed for the first 2 months of Covid.
    • Pushing club out further. Can really feel all my ribs..:-)
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