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New Callaway Razr x HL's.....took 20 strokes off my first two rounds of 9 combined

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geeze tough crowd.    The guys a high handicapper & is loving his new clubs ... lighten up.      No wonder he hasn't replied ...

when I first started, I had old ratty flea market Dunlaps ... wouldn't be surprised when i got my TM's, it took 10-15 strokes off my game once I got used to them.

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  • 3 months later...

I just traded my G15 irons for the Razr X HL's, to be received on election day. Ping publishes offset values, but Callaway does not publish offset values for the Razr's. I hope the offsets are a little bit less than the Ping G15's. As couple of posters noted above, an offset club is easy to hook. It becomes very important to set the club neutral at address, meaning the score lines are exactly perpendicular to target.

I did the exchange because I tried hitting the #6 iron at Sports Authority and could not hit a bad shot with it. Most of all the ball went airborne even when hit a bit thin. And i was getting better feedback and sound than the Pings. I was immediately seduced! Now we shall see how they work on the course.

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Hey joem1cha3l

I got my Razr HLs a few months back, and noticed a distance increase also. But I did get fitted for the first time with these, and my old irons were used Burners. So yeah, fitting did make a big difference in distance and consistency.

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I like how the OP hits his 8 iron 170, if theres no wind and if he's not hitting downhill, he would have a tour-level swing speed.  Impressive (and impossible) for a guy who shoots 100.

i was thinking the same thing, 8i 170? he must have a ss of 120mph.

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Originally Posted by ApocG10

I understand your elation at having clubs that fit just right. My Ci11's are like gold to me. They didnt take strokes off my game, I did that myself, but they surer did inspire confidence.

BUT, if you bought Ping EYE 2 no+'s, you would have the PGA tour knocking on your door.

Not quite my friend, not quite. If it were that simple, that's where I'd be right now, along with everyone else who saw what the pros used and bought that.

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OK..so now I have played 10 rounds with RAZR X HL 6-AW. I bought used from Callaway pre-owned in "like new" condition, bent 1 deg flat, with regular flex steel

shafts. I am a senior with slower but smooth swing tempo. The 9-PW-AW worked

great. 6-7-8 irons were not giving me the distance so I switched them with

graphite in regular shafts. I had them bent also 1 deg flat. Without the flatter lie,

I tend to hook the ball.

These irons are very easy to hit high and straight. I am quite satisfied overall and

they will stay in my bag for a long time. The swing weight is just right. They have some

offset but it is not excessive. The head size looks about right size, not too big or small.

I do not take deep divots and still these irons are giving me very good high trajectory.

The distance is quite predictable & consistent. For best results with these irons, focus

on a smooth swing, not hard swing.

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Note: This thread is 3143 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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