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Swing Vision won't help the amateur golfer, OR Konica Minolta camera: more Art than Science

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You were probably blown away by the 18,000 frames per second image that was being shown on your high definition television screen.  Watching up close right in your face, various players at impact is a site to behold.  Being able to see how the clubface reacts through impact is a powerful image, and one that can get you in trouble in your own game if you’re not careful...

Herein lays the problem:

1) What the viewer is seeing is a 110+ mile per hour swing cover the span of about a foot in a split second, slowed down to 18,000 frames per second which makes it looks long and slow.

2) What they probably don’t realize is that the club face is only “square” for perhaps a thousandth of a second in most swings.  The Swing Vision camera is a great addition, but it is misleading in a sense that it makes impact look much different than it really is.

READ MORE from Tim's article on the Konica Minolta Swing Vision Camera

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True but it does help the average golfer to understand whats going on in those handful of milliseconds and helps them to understand things that dont make sense, such as hitting down on the ball with irons to make it go up and hitting the sand, not the ball on bunker shots.

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Its a powerful tool, and a great addition to any golfers equipment, regardless of what one author might think. We know impact is a fraction of a second, most golfers are not clueless. Being able to see your swing flaws at ANY fraction of a second is an amazing teaching tool.

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Man, his whole impact position is perfect, his ball striking is perfect, getting the ball just a millisecond before the ground, great compression.

When I look at it, I see absolutely everything my own swing coach wants me to do, and Tiger does it absolutely perfectly.

Watching my own swing with my coach, he often tells me that my swing and contact are top notch, but damn, when I comnpare it to that, my swing looks, whats the word, pathetic?

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The tool is invaluable - it's the interpreter that's the problem. High FPS cameras rule! I refuse to use the name of the sponsor though.

Also CBS uses high fps cameras too often on things like bouncing ball markers in bunkers. The novelty is gone CBS, there's plenty where that came from on the interwebs.

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Note: This thread is 3171 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I followed your advice, @iacas, and took a lesson with a different instructor. He pointed out how much steeper my downswing was than my backswing, and how much lateral motion I exhibited. He attributed this to an overextended back that twisted, rather than turned, through the swing. This all made sense to me, but I am skeptical of his proposed solution: to keep my body weight over my legs by standing closer to the ball, arching my thoracic spine (instead of maintaining a flat spine as I had been previously taught), and having what feels like an extremely flat swing plane. I did nothing but top and hook the ball when I tried to follow his instruction. He did send me home with two annotated videos summarizing our lesson, which was an excellent touch I think all instructors should adopt. I’ve attached two stills from these movies comparing my current swing (left) and my attempt to implement the lesson (right) at P4. I went back to the range this morning with the intent of working on this new technique, but upon reviewing the video I am still swinging my old swing with a few small modifications inspired by the lesson—my swing plane is slightly flatter, and I’m standing closer to the ball with a natural spine curve. Unfortunately I’m still coming OTT and sending the ball 20 yards left or right of my target. Here’s a video of one of my best swings, in which the steep attack is still evident:   
    • Day 425 - February 26, 2021 About 63 minutes. Wasn't going great early, or in the middle much, but I turned it around at the end. Stayed "into" the right hip, which kept my levels good, and felt a shorter arm motion.
    • Today’s Session 2-26-21. too busy to get FO video GOALS: BACKSWING: Internal rotation of trail hip DOWNSWING: Hand-path = down 7i Swing: full speed GOAL 2: Hand-path = down Most swings were at slower speed and often overdone Started having more success at higher speeds feeling as if right elbow straightens from P4-P6
    • Let us know if you drive the 5th at Shuksan with it.  Summer conditions, of course.
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