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So i just started working at a golf course in the restaurant about a month ago, i got moved into the pro shop and started playing about 3 weeks ago. I was slicing the ball as badly as one possibly could. After about 5 or 6 times hitting the driving range i am now hitting the ball very straight the only problem is that 50% of the time i hit it perfect and the other 50% im hitting before the ball causing it to go way short. How do i fix this?  Also what score should i be shooting for? I hit the first 4 holes after hours today and it was only my third time every playing a real course. I missed a chip on to the green that would of given me a par put...ended 1st hole with a double. Went to the second and put first shot in woods, chipped out, drove the ball to the rough on the side of the green, chipped on and sank the put for a bogey. 3rd hole I drove the green and missed the birdie put and sank the par. The fourth hole is a long par 5 and i hit my second and third shot a combined 30 yards, and still got away with a double bogey. I finished the 4 holes with a +5. I was pretty excited about the par but was upset with how else i played. Is that a decent score for just being my 3rd time like i said before. Thanks for the input and help!

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getting bit by the golf bug is both a wonderful and terrible thing. you get the wonderful thrill of the game of golf for the rest of your life, and the overwhelming disappointment the game brings 90% of the time :)

learn to appreciate the small things and try to get a  little better every time you grab a club

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When I first started out, par was a HELL of a number. My first season I was shooting 100+ easily, although I didn't have fitted clubs... I had the ole hand-me-downs

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I have only been playing for about 8 months. I have only broken 100 a few times and usually play a double bogey game. Keep at it and you'll see moderate improvement as you develop a swing and get comfortable with your body movements.

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Watch the Golf Channel. Michael Breed gives great tips on "The Golf Fix".

You can look up "The Golf Fix" on youtube. Just look up something like "The Golf Fix: Stop hitting balls fat or thin" or "The Golf Fix: Improving your ball striking"


That should get you started.

Short answer: A lot of the times, when I hit the ball fat or thin, it is because I have improper movement in my shoulders. If you dip your shoulders forward or back in your swing, the club is obviously going to arrive to the ball early or late.

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If you're like me and looking for tips online, find a guy or two that you like and stick with those guys. Michael Breed like Legacy pointed out is solid. My mistake when I started out was taking every piece of advice from you tube to the range. I was always online looking at golf tips until my head got filled with a bunch of contradictory info. Take my advice, any nut job can post a vid on you tube, try to only listen to guys who have a name or a decent rep.
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Note: This thread is 3175 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • What counts as a hole not finished?
    • Shot 79 today (42 front, 37 back) to break 80 for the first time. I almost turned the round into a long practice session after the second hole because the greens were aerated recently, and the surfaces were super bumpy and had multiple spots that had been repaired and were irregular. Glad I continued though. Had 14 GIR/nGIR, 27 putts, and zero penalty strokes. It was a low event round, no birdies, mostly pars with some bogeys sprinkled aroundo. I had 8 up and downs for par from the nGIR, which was the key to hitting the milestone. Also almost completed the "no sixes" challenge, with only a single six on the card, after a couple bad breaks with overhanging limbs.
    • I don’t know how much it’s used elsewhere in Europe, but here in Norway it still seems to be a requirement. Not only name the marker, but they have to approve the score before it is registered.
    • It sort of reminded me of myself! 
    • In the spirit of golfers who get on your nerves.  I have a friend I occasionally play with.  He rides in a cart with the scorecard splayed open on the steering wheel.  Insists on keeping all scores... though I prefer to keep my own in terms of how many over par I am... or under on that rare day. But after each hole he'll ask, "What did you get there?"  Even if you just did the Tiger fist pump on the green with the rest of the group cheering (including him) as you drained your birdie. So I've come to reporting a higher score when he asks.  "Bogey."  "No you didn't, you had a par."  Well, sheesh, if you know what I scored why do you have to ask?!
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