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The Hammer

Note: This thread is 2011 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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I bought a Zolex last month from a guy in Times Square. Only cost me $50.00 bucks.

WOW!!! POWWW!!!!
I was actually thinking about buying one of these so I could pow an additional 100 on my drive. Sure glad I ran across this post before I did

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I played in a match last week that was hitting the hammer...

I looked down at it and asked him if it was the "hammer" and he Proudly said, YES! I almost laughed in his face...

Does anyone remember the viper bite wedge? Carbite technology...the infomercial would show guys spinning it off greens...lol

I git sucked into one..lol

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illegal as hell. as is the the putter they promote. I love the infomercial. The guy hits it a mile ,but it's a 150 yrd hook.
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Is it me, or is it just AWESOME to hear that jet sound when he hits that huge hook!! PPPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

Picks up speed all by it's self on the down swing.

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One of the testimonials during the infomercial says something to the effect "he hit that ball so far that all I know is that it didn't land on any flat green surface on the course"? WTF kind of positive is that!!! It will really change your score ----- for the worse.
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its a joke. I was on the range at the golf course i worked at, and i was hitting my G5. I usually put it out there around 275 consistently. Well, i was just leaving, and this guy goes, hey i just bought this driver, would you want to hit it for me. He said that he couldnt hit it worth a crap. So i said sure. Now a quick story. I was on the #2 tee box when i broke the shaft by the club head in my ping. When i hit the ball, it felt good, then the club got super heavy then super light, and thats when i see my club head going down the fairway. Now back to hammer time. So I address the ball, and take a good swing at it, and i had that same exact feeling when i broke my driver, but i looked and the club head was still there. I hit about a 125 duck hook. Gave the driver back to the guy and said you coulndt pay me to use this thing, and he said thats what he though. I felt bad for the guy getting sucked into that though, but that club is a pos.
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Note: This thread is 2011 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • We're back, and I thought I'd add a few comments on the places we played.  I want to thank everyone who posted suggestions throughout the life of this thread, it was very helpful.  I'll arrange these comments from least favorite to most favorite. Mission Inn - Las Colinas.  Our first day of golf, the layout is pretty decent, with small greens and some really narrow driving areas.  There's a bit of vertical relief as well.  But the course was in so-so condition, thin grass in the fairways, and some patchy areas (repaired with plugs and still healing) on the greens. Falcon's Fire.  A nice layout, moderately flat, decent shape.  We had the coldest and windiest weather playing here.   Shingle Creek - Not particularly demanding, but really nice condition.  Another pretty flat course, which is pretty much what I expected for Florida golf.   A lot of lateral water, but lots of room off the tee as well.  This round was the slowest of the week, a bit over 4-1/2 hours. Southern Dunes - A bit out of town to the south, this course had much more severe slopes, lots of sand, really large really undulating and really fast greens.  REALLY fast.  Also, really friendly service. Orange County National.  We played Crooked Cat first, and decided to play Panther Lakes a few days later.  Really well conditioned, ample elevation changes (not as much as Southern Dunes), reasonably demanding shot requirements, this is a really good facility all the way around.  On the other hand, its a bit of a "golf factory", so service seemed a little less personal.  Also, the practice range is a long way from the main clubhouse, so if you're going here, allow extra time for check-in and warm-up.    
    • Should be a third choice: "Meh" I read a couple of replies and did not go through ALL of them, so I might have missed a reply about an obvious issue. IF these are new members 'clogging' up the course and aren't aware of the 'rules', then that is the Club's fault. New members should have been given an "Indoctrination" of some sort. A set of written Rules and Laws of the Club relating to behavior and etiquette expected of them. Maybe even a round with an officer to familiarize them with how things are done and what is expected of them. If they are just signing up members and taking their money without any consideration of existing members, it's time to consider what exactly is the club doing to help the game.  It's hard enough during this Covid thing to even get out as a single/walk up with most public courses around here not allowing them at all. And I KNOW that people are just booking times to have them and many don't bother to show up because it's a bit too windy, or cold, or hot, or damp and many times slots go unused because they don't call to cancel or allow a single to wait a few minutes to get into an empty slot. Trying to fill slots should be an economic no-brainer for any course.  I remember a post on here or one of the other forums from a few years ago about a guy who INSISTED that he be able to go out as a single during a busy weekend and not be "paired" up because he was paying what everyone else paid. Yet, he also wanted to play through as if he was Moses. That is not a viable economic move for a business. Leaving 3 fees on the table is essentially losing money. Now- if he wanted to go out as a single, then let him pay for the 4 slots, AND he keeps his place in the line, then fine, let him.  But overall, on course behavior and Club rules are established to protect everyone from "that guy" who thinks they deserve better than anyone else. I know that in GB, many clubs limited play to twosomes to mitigate spread of Covid. It wasn't particularly liked, but people adjusted and tried to make the best of it. Lot's more Match Play to try and keep things moving to allow more people to get out there. As for around here- they didn't limit it to twosomes, but if you didn't want to share a cart with a 'stranger' they would just issue a solo cart. That seemed to be a compromise that everyone is happy with. 
    • @Esox, yeah, I can see how getting paired-up with people whose playing style and speed is significantly different from yours would be hurtful to everybody's enjoyment.
    • This season I purchased my third pair of Foot Joy Classic spiked shoes. I find they last for years, (I guess that depends on how much you play, I play like once or trice a week but not in the winter). For me they are very comfortable and I like the classic look, plus the price is right.
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