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    • I recognize that...when this year started I needed to lower my cap 2.9 to reach my goal, as recently as friday, I only needed to lower it 5.4 to reach my goal for this year...   the original improvement for me was lessons. These days, I have all the technical skills, it is more about becoming consistent so I have been matching the practice percentages with the 5 "S"s...both threads you can find on this site.    By practicing the right stuff and successfully I am slowly seeing improvement (where slowly means this past Saturday i shot my best round by 8 strokes this year). The scoreboard doesn't always reflect it yet but I am seeing shots more consistently be closer to what I was trying.    Focused, successful practice I guess is the summary. 
    • Amazing that we are able to get such efficient level of protection with these vaccines. 
    • Thank you No Laying Up, for posting a see it in one shot summary of how to watch the US Open this week. 11 AM to 9PM on Saturday. That's a long stretch!  
    • I've taken lessons multiple times, play 2-3x week, plus range sessions, think/read/watch a LOT about golf (read lowest score wins...twice!), but would say my improvement has been slow and I've been getting steadily worse for the past 3 months. Lowest index was 10.1, currently a 14 playing like a 20). There is such a volume of information and opinion on golf instruction, it's overwhelming.  I'm thrashing around a little right now, and need to rethink my approach to improvement. What worked for you to get better?  
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