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    • Check out Laird’s third shot on 18. Quite impressive.
    • I know my left arm bends at impact, but I’ve asked and my instructor said not to worry about it.
    • You make it sound like 15 minutes and 25 tries is a lot. Lots of people spend hours on some bosses, myself included.
    • I’m nearsighted, about -3.25 diopters.  For daily work, I use progressive lenses.  For golf, I have single vision (no reading/progressive) sunglasses, as you do. a) Yes, I lift my sunglasses as needed to record scores, adjust pin/putting location, etc. I’ve never really thought of it as a problem, but I can see how it might be for some. b) For low light, I have a very inexpensive set of single vision regular glasses that I ordered online ($50 or so because I splurged and upgraded the lenses). I keep them in my golf bag all the time.  At dusk, I switch from my nice sunglasses to my cheapo clear glasses. From time to time I consider contacts (I’ve worn them in the past), but then I’d probably have to use a set of readers to deal with (a).
    • This is how the selections have been picked for The Masters winner. I do see a slight problem in that two people picked JS at -14 . From what @iacas mentioned, if I am not mistaken, there can only be one selection for a particular golfer with reference to their final score? I noticed Darkfrog selected JS first at -14. Check out all the selections below:   Colins69                Tony Finau -11 phillyk                    Patrick Canlay -11 ncates00               Patrick Cantlay -13 nevets88               Rory McIlroy -12 pganapathy            Rory McIlroy -17 Darkfrog               Jordan Spieth -14 onthehunt526       Jordan Spieth -14 woodzie264          Dustin Johnson -14 RickK                     Dustin Johnson -17 iSank                      Dustin Johnson -18 DewSweeper09    Justin Thomas -9 Birdieputt              Justin Thomas -13 Billy Z                    Justin Thomas -14 Zippo                     Bryson DeChambeau -11 Hardspoon            Bryson DeChambeau -15 False hopes          Lee Westwood -11 Yukari                    Collin Morikawa -14 Bucki1968             Paul Casey -10  
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