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Which ball do you use? or prefer?

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  1. 1. Which ball do you play or prefer?

    • Titleist Pro-V1
    • Titleist Pro-V1x
    • Taylormade TP/Red
    • Taylormade TP/Black
    • Srixon Z-URC
    • Srixon Z-URS
    • Callaway HX TOUR
    • Callaway HX TOUR 56
    • Bridgestone B330
    • Bridgestone B330-S
    • Nike One Black
    • Nike One Platinum
    • Callaway HX HOT
    • Titleist NXT
    • Titleist NXT Tour
    • Top-Flite D2
    • Titleist DT-Solo
    • Nike Juice 312

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I've tried pretty much every ball that is listed in the poll. I've found that I like the ball flight and feel I get with the Callaway HX Tour, Callaway HX Tour 56, and Taylormade TP Red. I think the Taylormade Black, Callaway Hot, Bridgestone, and Srixon are also good balls. (Precept balls aren't bad either - I don't see those listed on the poll at all). I think the Titliest and Nike balls are overrated junk that aren't worth the money.
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. . .This last year I used the Titleist NXT tour all the time. A buddy of mine said he always used the Pro V1 and swears by it! My reaction was that it won't make a bit of difference to me! Am I wrong? I'm going to try a few sleeves of the Pro V's and see if I can tell a difference, especially around the green.

We'll let you know what happens!

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It all depends on the conditions of the course I am playing but for the most part I play either a Callaway HX TOUR 56 or Titleist Pro-V 1X or Titleist Pro-V 1. They have great feel around the greens, and stick and suck back on the green well. I am not terribly worried about distance off the tee so I try to play one of the softer balls.
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I'm a big fan of the Nike One Platinums. They give me a better feel than any of the other balls out there. I've played Pro V1s and they spun just a bit too much for my liking. The Nike's seem to spin just right for my playing style.

I also like their durability. I can usually get a sleeve to last an entire round assuming I don't punish them with wedges. Haven't gotten a chance to play the Callaway tour ball offerings yet, though. I have 5 more boxes of Platinums to go through before I try something else.
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I dont think there is a finer ball than the Callaway HX Tour 56. The titleist balls are great but these out perform them..IMO of course.

unfortunately after a few good wedge shots they're toast... thats the only downside. They are NOT as durable as advertised...thats for sure.
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I recently tried out the Callaway Tour ix ball and it performed extremely well (VERY long) for about 7 holes then the cover started to break down. Still playable, but it doesn't hold up like the Pro V1's. Anybody else hit this ball?
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I just made the switch to Srixon-Z-URS and like them a bit more than the ProV1's I usually use. Not many people play Srixon balls, and I like not having to worry about hitting someone elses ball or someone else hitting mine since everyone plays Titleists.

I too like the Z-URS balls. I used to play the ProV1X, but I found with my Titleist "Spin Milled" Wedges the ball got tore up very quickly because of the grooves. The cover on the Srixon holds up better than the Titleist in my opinion.

I could hit a Titleist once with my Spin Mill and tear "fish scales" if you want to call it that in the cover. If anyone else is expereincing the same thing I would suggest trying the Srixon. Z-URS and Z-URC are both good balls that do spin well on greens and are long on the woods.
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for those that have not tried the new TaylorMade TP balls... give 'em a try. You'll be surprised (and they're about 30% less then ProV). I was given a sleeve last fall by the pro here and I am sold!

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Note: This thread is 4663 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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