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    • Last episode aired here last night. Despite never being a big fan i thought they ended it ok, certainly in a way to keep most happy by keeping the popular characters alive and all rulers/leaders in some way or another.
    • I’ve just bought some used clubs (RSI1 irons) and I love them, took them to the range and I’ve noticed they are an inch longer than my previous and feel a lot more upright at adress, Is it possible to get these clubs fitted to suit my swing or is is that not possible?, I also read a more upright club usually produces more of a hook/draw, where as I was hitting mostly fades, why is that thanks
    • Unfortunately, number of majors was not Jack's first attempt at setting the criteria for GOAT so your tennis speculation doesn't really fit.  As has been documented here several times, he went through several different criteria, over the years, discarding each one it became clear he would not be the GOAT under any of them.  He didn't stay an amateur and replicate Bobby Jones' version of the slam.  He didn't exceed Hogan's 3 out of three majors in 1953 by winning a professional slam.  He didn't exceed Sam Snead's record of most PGA Tour victories.  But each of these was put forth by him as what it would take to be considered the greatest of all time - right up until it turned out he couldn't do them. Then, once he ALREADY had the most majors he decides that most majors is the proper criteria, totally ignoring the fact that he had already had the opportunity to play in far more majors than anyone else conceivably in the GOAT discussion. I only recount this abbreviated version of this history, which elsewhere has been laid out in more detail with links to each of Jack's twists and turns, because you indicated a lack of familiarity with some of this history.  You can choose to be generous in looking at how Majors came to be the all in all but I cannot.  Tiger may have many many more flaws and failings as a person than Jack, but, IMO, in the strict realm of golf he has shown far more integrity than Jack.  Tiger has never once tried to re-define the criteria for GOAT, in some self serving way, as Jack did.  Meanwhile, on a more important topic, GO LIVERPOOL!!! I already have my tickets for their upcoming friendly here in the US against Borussia Dortmund at Notre Dame's football stadium in July.  I hope I will be seeing them as reigning Champions League champions. Wait, how can you not believe in the whole concept of GOAT yet have an opinion as to the equation used to find the GOAT?
    • What a moronic comment. Rory could have won it if he'd shot 10 under. Or anyone else. Koepka would've lost if he'd tripled 18. Tiger would've won if he'd made the cut and finished 9 under. How did DJ "give it away"? Do you think he decided he couldn't be bothered. He was under pressure on a tough course. Your comments make as much sense as saying "Brooks could've shot 61 on round two if he hadn't left 5 putts short and they'd gone in. I would love to see a debate between you and DJ where you explain to him that he "gave it away". What response would you expect? It's easy from the armchair.  
    • Unfortunately, we are currently in an apartment.  Good sized for living but no place to set up a net or I would.  
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