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Who are your 3 favorite and 3 least favorite players on tour?


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Jordan Spieth

Phil Mickelson

Fred Couples -is still my favorite golfer, even though he plays limited on the tour now.



Keegan (I'm with others his preshot routine is awful to watch)

Ian Poulter

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Luke Donald - When he's on his game he can take on the best of them

G Mac - Proves you dont have to hit the ball a mile to win

Ian Poulter - Speaks his mind and for most brits is a national treasure (Ryder Cup legend)

Least faves:

Keegan Bradley - Just something about him, and he's too tall for his swing :-D

Jason Dufner - The chewing tobacco gets on my nerves

Patrick Reed - bit of a nob

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Miguel Angel Jimenez (aka "The Most Interesting Man in the World")

Freddy Couples

Rickie Fowler

Honorable mention:  Payne Stewart (although he's no longer with us, I had to put him in there.)


Eldrick Woods (could fill my #1, #2 and #3 slots all by himself)

Bubba Watson

Keegan Bradley

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Rickie - Seems like a relatable fun guy to be around. PLus i've been following this kid since OKC days.

Rory/ Tiger- based on pure shotmaking and swing, much like Tiger of old.

The Johnsons - Both DJ and Zach are likable to me. Not to bad on the course either.


Webb Simpson - Seems like a closet dbag to me..

Reed - Something about him bothers the heck out of me.

Rickie Fowler - Contradicting myself but it pains me not to see him win more when he has a hot run of holes.

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Jordan Spieth, his game is so consistent - a bit unreal how consistent he is

Phil Mickelson, exciting to watch when he's on his game

Dustin Johnson, always like to see him do well

Kevin Na, honourable mention ever since he took that 16, or whatever it was, and how well he handled it.


Keegan Bradley, just hard to watch this guy.

Rory Sabbatini, seems like a complete rag bag

Ben Crane, so slow and those golf buddies videos or whatever they are, don't help

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Likes :   Phil,  Jordan Spieth , Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson,  Dislikes: Tiger, Tiger , Tiger

[quote name="Natural Patrick" url="/t/61472/who-are-your-3-favorite-and-3-least-favorite-players-on-tour/144#post_1139772"]Favorites John Daly Jerry Kelly Pat Perez Least Favorite Tiger Woods Eldrick Tigger [/quote] :doh:

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I do not remember who I had in my least favorite group, but if he wasn't already there, Keegan Bradley has moved straight to the top of that list.  Not just because he showed his ass in the incident with Jimenez in the match play.  But because afterwards he claimed he was the victim of gamesmanship.  What a douche!  Pat Bradley must be cringing.

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Mine has changed over the year.


1) Brandt Snedeker: Love this guy. All class and a true human being.

2) Jordan Spieth: Just like Sneds, a true class individual for a guy his age. Humble and respectful and a heck of a player.

3) Phil Mickelson: Always have loved Phil. Always will.

Honorable Mention: Rory McIlroy. Never was a huge Rory fan, but slowly becoming more and more of one. He's matured a lot the last year and becoming much more humble and he's good for the game.

Least favorite:

1) Keegan Bradley. Last week he showed his true colors.

2) Chesson Hadley: Was at the Valspar earlier this year and this guy is a jerk. It makes me hate that stupid snap thing he does even more.

3) Ian Poulter: I don't think I have to explain why. The name speaks for itself.

Honorable Mention: Patrick Reed. He's gone from #1 most hated to Honorable Mention, which I guess is a move in the right direction. Ryder Cup put him in a more positive light, but still not a fan of him. Just don't have the hate for him like I used to.

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Three Favorite: 1. Tiger Woods 2. Angel Cabrera 3. K.J Choi Honorable Mentions: John Daly Jim Furyk Miguel Angel Jimenez Ryo Ishikawa Joost Luiten I also generally like all Asian and most Latin American golfers, for whatever reason. Least Favorite: 1. Phil Mickelson 2. Jordan Spieth 3. Patrick Reed Honorable Mentions: Keegan Bradley Bubba Watson Adam Scott Rory Sabbatini Ian Poulter Also, anyone who is denying one of my favorite golfers a victory.
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Rory Mcilroy love the ease in his game Phil Mickelson plays the game his way Jimenez just a great character with a unique game Others Tiger because it's Tiger Cabrera read above for Jimenez Poulter on a charge Dislike Reed just too obnoxious Bradley ditto Sabbatini & Bubba like Watson's game but hear bad things about these two.
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I've had some friends volunteer at the Canadian Open for several years whenever it's at Glen Abbey, so I've heard a few 'behind-the-scenes' stories.  Nothing salacious or anything --- my friends haven't encountered any real jerk behaviour, just the majority of players are business-like and focused on their golf.  That said, Jimmy Walker and Jason Day are reportedly both very nice guys who went out of their way to be kind to any volunteer they encountered.  With this in mind, I was pleased to see them both win so many tournaments; karma pays off!

Three current favourites...

* Jason Day.  The Canadian Open stories clinched it, he's great in my books.

* Justin Rose.  Nice guy, great player!

* Miguel Angel Jimenez.  Duh.

Three all-time favourites....

* Mike Weir.  How can any Canadian golf fan not have Mike up there?  The 2003 Masters may have been the single most exciting final round I've ever watched.

* Ernie Els.  A class act all the way.

* Greg Norman.  All that success yet still in many ways an underdog favourite.  If only he'd won a couple more majors!

Three current least-favourites...

* Bubba Watson.  Seems like a jerk.

* Patrick Reed.  Forget top five, Reed made my top three!  Or bottom three?
* Stewart Cink.  The all-time party pooper of a major championship win.

Three all-time least favourites...

* Tom Watson.  It may seem odd to put Watson here when I bashed Cink win earlier, but even I was pulling for Watson to win that Open, it would've been an incredible story.  Watson the person, however, just seems like a humourless old scold. No surprise he crashed out as the Ryder Cup captain.

* Nick Faldo.  The king of the #humblebrag.  Faldo tries to be self-deprecating in such a phony way that it just makes him seem more arrogant.  The sooner CBS gets this guy out of the announce booth the better.

* Hal Sutton.  Gives off a real jerk vibe.  Had gotten married and divorced again since I started writing this post.

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Note: This thread is 2176 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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