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Okay, not sure if this is completely legal according to the rules of this thread. But it looks like 2192 to me. 


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    • Sugar Hill Golf Club - Front Nine 49 Stupid mistakes cost me on three holes. I went bogey, triple (8 on a par 5), bogey, double, bogey, bogey, double, bogey, par.  On both doubles, I couldn't find my ball and had to take a drop.  On the first one, I never heard it hit any trees or anything, but I lost it into the setting sun.  I have no doubt that it was somewhere in the deep Bermuda rough along the right side of the fairway, but I never found it.  The second was well struck (out of the rough because of a topped 3 hybrid) and based on my aim, it should have been okay, but it was nowhere to be found.  The par-five ninth was a series of five almost perfect shots on a difficult, sloping double dogleg hole.
    • Thank you I appreciate that. What made the birdies so nice that all my shots in both of them were great shots. One thing a person of my handicap has a hard time doing is being consistent. When I I'm consistent, even only through one hole or two, it feels great. I shot an 80 on the course which was also very good for my level, and this was after shooting 102 just days before , LOL.
    • First off, is this the oldest topic in the forum? 15 Years, wow. This discussion about the greatest of all time is mute.  All sports have the same point and counterpoints. Most Home-runs, best hitter in baseball, most Super Bowl Rings, on and on. Comparing athletes from different eras are practically impossible. From changes ranging from physicality to equipment, travel, nutrition, playing conditions, shorter courses vs longer courses, stadiums indoor vs outdoor, astroturf, lowering the mounds, 3 point lines, instant replay and more. Best of an “ERA” I could believe in that. Sustainability in a sport is a good measure, but not those that linger.  Having the most Majors?  Most Super Bowl Trophies? Individual sports, Team Sports? Jack vs Tiger?  Take your pick.  
    • Did they reattach the head? Not sure what the point of this game is. You could just do it on a football field. Why take up space on a golf course? Also they’e from Ipswich, MA. I’ve never seen anything like this around here.
    • 6-iron - Current 6-Iron 1) Slower backswing to feel the club slowing down at A3-A4.  *On a side note, somehow the swing path started to get closer to the heel? I had to start setting up with the ball more off the toe to hit center of club face. Like crazy development. My miss use to be more on the toe side of the club,  Driver with the backswing aid set up.  *This made it VERY hard to time up my swing. I use the carry on, and hinge of my wrist to time the downswing. So, I kept hitting a lot of low pull to straight cuts.  Slow-Mo TEE!!    OK, I am going to say... F*** You golf swing 😛 Just stop the the swing at A4. How the hell did the club get there with out me thinking about anything. Sigh!!  Like WTF!!! I give up, joking. I almost just started laughing at the range.   
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