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    • @ShawnSum, I think that is pretty exaggerated. I'd bet the most of the guys that have been grouped with BDC these last 4 weeks are contemplating distance chasing, even if they aren't admitting it to the public. Pretty tough/wearing watching a guy hitting 3 clubs less, watching them struggle with short pitch shots, and still blowing your score away.
    • Thanks for the input. I mentioned earlier that I do posses a knockdown shot, which usually gives me a club(ish) gap. This would work with PW too, but I can't seem to hit it that well even with a full swing. It's a chunky monkey and I have issues with how it looks, which seems to play a really big role in how well I hit a given club. I tend to do okay with my long irons (last three 4 iron shots in my app averaged to 195 total distance), and since I am not very long off the tee I find myself hitting them more often than wedges. An argument could be made for more hybrids an less long irons, but I don't think that this short end of the bag issue is going away. I might just bite the bullet and buy the 48 degree and give it a whirl. Worst case scenario I've got a newish pretty club to look at. Thanks for the bag compliment too. I think my WITB pics are recent in that thread.
    • It's definitely too hot to walk, but it's fine for riding.
    • I don't think we go anywhere with the debate. It's ONE (very unique) guy doing something that I would wager the rest of the PGA Tour have absolutely ZERO interest in doing/maintaining. Who else is going to work as hard as Bryson has in the gym? Who else is going to force feed themselves 6-8 times a day to hit the high caloric intake needed to maintain the amount of mass he's put on? Who else has the IQ to even do what he's doing?  I'm just not buying into this whole "BrYsOn iS cHaNgInG" how golf will be played thing. I'm in the camp of thinking that Bryson will go down in golf history as being a very unique and determined individual who played the game how he wanted. I also think the debate of modified equipment is dumb. What are they going to do, make a golf ball for all the 280-300 guys to still let them hit that distance and then make a different golf ball for increments of 10/20 yards for the rest so that they are tuned back down to 280-300? Then make "SuPeR" special balls for guys like Rory, Champ, Wolff, etc? Then on top of that are they going to make a "SuPeR dUpEr" special ball for the Kraken Slaying God of a Man himself AKA BRYSON "THE HOUSE" DeCHAMBEAU??? Give me a break...
    • Your issue is the larger gap between the PW and the GW.  One way is to practice different yardage with your PW like golfers used to do before the specialty wedges came out in the late 70 early 80's. Another seemingly easier solution is to hunt for a wedge that you could fill in the 110 yd. distance.  Pretty certain with your distance you could forsake  one of the long iron or mid irons to add one more wedge for the 110 yd.  Keep in mind, even the iron Byron could not dial in exactly the same yardage each time, the human body definitely could not fulfill the supposed perfect yardage each time we swing the golf club.  But we have a brain which is not matched by the A.I. at this present time.    Throughout the ages, all great golfers started with just one golf club and learned to play different yardage with that one golf club........ which may seem to be too much work for the modern day golfers, so...... Go on a hunt for a 110 yd. wedge for your bag and stop messing around with your current set up, which by the way is very nice.  
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