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Who is the most famous person you've golfed with?


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Not with us but just in front was the infamous Michael Vick about a year ago.  He can't play golf worth a lick and neither could the rest of his foursome.  He actually rode back to us and apologized for us having to watch how bad they were.  He then gave my friend a beer and rode back up to his group and they finished the round playing Captain's choice so as to not back the course up any longer.

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Jesse Jones.  He is on the news in the Seattle area, where he "exposes scams"  for people who write in and he goes to confront the offender in the "gotcha" kind of fashion.

I think another good question is Who would you most want to play golf with if you can choose any living person?

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Hello Golfers, Now that you ask, I have played with: Tiger Woods, two world cups. Sergio Garcia, mexican open. Gary Player and Jose Maria Cañizares, on a private Senior Tour event. Jorge Campos, Goalkeeper for the Mexican soccer team,:-) Have an amazing Golf weekend! Jorge Gomez
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I think the most famous person, that I know of, would be a manager of Olive Garden... haha! Well i could've golfed with someone more famous but I don't usually ask what people do for a living.

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Nobody for me, but my dad played against Mike Weir when he was in University.

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Luis Tiant.

JAMO.  Love El Tiante.  I've met him a couple times and he was real nice.  How was he to play with?


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I shared a tee box with Jim Colbert!  I happen to be playing Manhattan (KS) Country Club once and they a tee box that 2 holes share.  By chance we were on the tee box at the same time, so I introduced myself to him, I just so happen to know his sister and her family.


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Ron Jaworski

Charles Barkley (before he lost it; he was actually pretty good)

Willie Nelson (I met him on the first tee, but played in the group behind him)

Billy Cunningham

Bill M

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JAMO.  Love El Tiante.  I've met him a couple times and he was real nice.  How was he to play with?

Not a great player, chain-smoke cigars, but very fun to play with. I also met Adam Vinatieri (before he defected to Indy) at the same course, but didn't play with him. The only other time I've ever encountered someone marginally famous on the golf course was when I nearly hit Boston Mayor Menino's wife with my tee ball on a blind par 5. She was not pleased.

Jamieson Weiss

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Case Keenum, was in a foursome scramble fundraiser for student athletes.  Keenum was the QB for University of Houston.  He held the NCAA Div 1 passing yardage record.  He can hit the ball a mile, good all around player.  Single digit handicapper.  Nice guy.

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I live in the KC area and paired up with Neil Smith (chiefs/bronco's fame)......I arrived as a single and paired-up with his 2-some. I pretended not to recognize him, which I think bothered his ego a tad bit.  I avoided asking him any questions that would allow him to reveal who he was unless he just blurted it out.  I really think he wanted me to know who he was.....He was asking me questions that normally get returned in kind.  IE...the usual what kind of work do you do stuff......and of course, I didn't return these kinds of question to open that door.  LOL

I have Ohio State head-covers and was wearing an OSU shirt, so we talked college football some.  He had a Nebraska golf bag and this is when it was rumored that Nebraska may be joining the BigTen so we talked a lot of college football stuff related to possible conference changes.  He was friendly enough during the round, but he didn't shake my hand on completion.  He was hacking badly towards the end and left pretty quick.  He didn't even putt-out on the last hole...LOL  I'm pretty sure his playing partner also played in the NFL too, but I didn't recognize him.  he was very gracious to the very end.

It was one of those uncomfortable pairings.....I was having a good day and playing par golf, and Neil was hacking pretty bad and I think he was feeling a bit self conscious about his bad play.... just like any high HC players sometimes do.  His partner was a hoot.....he was having a blast and didn't care how bad he played...LOL

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When I was11 years old, in SNJGA, I played a tournament with Mike Maddeux, Greg Maddeux, Marty Barrett & Roger Clemens, all professional baseball players. It was pretty gnarly from what I remember. The main thing I remember is crashing a golf cart into the railing and breaking the front axel, lol. WOOPS!

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Got paired with Sleveless Steve Chrismar, guitarist for George Thorogood, when they were in town for a concert.

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Jack Nicklaus....2! (the son that caddied for his father).  I stumbled into Jackie one afternoon when he was trying to qualify for a Hogan Tour event (now the Web.com tour). Played 9 holes with him, his caddie, and some other guy one Sunday afternoon. We actually had a small "gallery" at one point. Jackie shot an 82 the next day and did not qualify. He did mention that at his age, his dad had already won a few majors. Jackie was giving it one last try to see if he could compete on the pro tour. Today, his career is based upon putting the "Jack Nicklaus II" name on designer golf courses.

I did have the pleasure of telling everyone at work that I played golf with Jack Nicklaus over the weekend!

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Note: This thread is 3125 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 71 (10/3/22): A long session with impact pre-set swings. Still struggling to get into the position from a normal address. I was doing fairly well for a while, then went backwards. I can get in the correct positions in the lower body, but often my shoulders are still too level and I get poor contact. Tonight I worked on letting my right shoulder work down and under more, and not so level and across. This fixed contact dramatically, and it looked correct on video, but this was in very short swings at low speed. 
    • Day 208.  I am not sure what possessed me to just do backswing work and not actually hit a ball today.  I had a few minutes and just worked on the tilt drill, checking shoulders and tail at the top of the backswing.  There was a ball I set up to, and I was on the golf mat, but I didn't actually hit one today. 
    • Great thread here. The subject of quitting hits close to home for me. I’m 63 and my game has been up and down over the last 10 years. I have played most of my golf over the last 10 years at the beach (Md) where I had to meet people to play. I was lucky and found a group that needed a 4th person. As the years went on they added a 2nd 4 some and we swapped who we played with. Then a 3rd 4some and now we had many different personalities and talent levels. One of the newer guys was a 1 hdcp from the blues while everyone else was 8-14 from whites.  This changed our group and playing wasn’t as much fun for many of the group including myself. I retired this year and joined a club here in my home state (Pa). The differences from the flat courses at beach to the hills and uneven ground here in Pa was a game changer. My hdcp fell almost 4 strokes from where it was. Depressing. I tried everything from clubs, lessons and practice. At my age it’s very difficult to make change. I’m struggling to break 90. My swing seems to change halfway thru every round. There’s no consistency at all. Makes me want to quit so often.  Why don’t I? Because I know I’m better then I play. I enjoy just seeing the green grass at the course. I love the challenge. The guys I join up with are super nice people. The exercise from walking is good for me.    Again, great topic. Stick with it. This game is frustrating but good for you  Rod
    • The hole-in-one with this perspective. My best round for the last five years was an even par 71 where I choked on the 18th hole to blow breaking par. Five weeks ago I finally broke par with- you guessed it- a 68. Would I trade that 68 for a hole-in-one - no. But now that I have it, I want a hole-in-one.  The other thing I would say is this- how many times has someone asked you if you ever had a hole-in-one versus how times have you been asked, “what’s your best score ever?”
    • Haven't seen your swing, so this may or may not be your issue. But this video might be applicable. TLDR: get in the slot and close the face, either bowing the front wrist or cupping the back or both. If you're shallowing and swinging square or in to out and but not getting the face closed you'll hit block fades or block slices. If you're hitting slices that start on target then go right then you're swinging significantly out to in. Which means, more or less, you're not getting in the slot even if you're shallowing the club. Nothing prevents you from rotating the shoulders from the top and getting outside the ball with a shallow club, though it's less common than doing it with a steep one.    
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