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Slicing.. i don't understand

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Shot a solid 81 yesterday at my work... and guess what:

NOT ONE slice off the tee. as opposed to my 103 earlier in the week where EVERY shot before the 16th hole was a slice. Rolling my wrists on my backswing and downswing has certainly helped and that's what i've been sticking with.
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I had a mean slice for about a year, then someone told me I had a Jim Furyk-like backswing and I should round it out. It took a while, but taking my backswing back more horizontal, as opposed to straight up, gave me more control and straighter shots.
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Shot a solid 81 yesterday at my work... and guess what:

I believe this is also my problem, rolling the wrists seems to help, you would think id be good at it from my cricket days but anyway.

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I have/had a bad slice, I seem to correct it, then it comes back, it ticks me off bc when I get off the tee well I end up having such a better game bc my confidence is up, I think I try to crush the ball and end up turning my hips to quick, so I am trying to take a more relaxed swing and roll my hands over, any more tips would be greatly appreciated
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I'm a straight shot with 40 year old blade irons but my Pro-recommended Taylormade R580 driver slices every time. I got a few good shots off of it once for a few days after some lessons but then it's been right back to slicing.

What is the difference between a driver swing and an iron swing? I know I'm coming outside to in but I can't stop. Part of me wonders whether the driver is too long for me (5'10", driver reaches 3" past my navel). Part of me thinks that the guy at the sporting goods store unloaded something on me that is more technical a club than I am ready for.

I tried rolling my wrists but didn't feel like I was getting a natural swing with the "falling club head" feeling I remember from my lessons. I try keeping my left arm close and this helps a little I can't really rotate like I do with the irons and I can't figure out why.

I don't want to pay for lessons again - can anyone point to a good illustration of a proper swing with a large-clubhead driver, or a list of common mistakes with same? Is there a technique specific to this type of large-head driver that I am just missing out on?
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What is the difference between a driver swing and an iron swing?

The swing itself should be mechanically the same for both iron and driver where if you stood there without a club and pretended to swing, that swing would be the same.

The only difference is that you are sweeping the ball off the tee with your driver and hitting down on the ball with your irons. But this difference really is due in part by where the ball is teed up in relation to your stance. A driver should be teed up inline with your left heel (right-handed player) and on iron shots the ball teed/placed just left of center of your stance. A technique specific to these 'large-headed' drivers would only be that the ball is teed up a little higher than with smaller headed drivers used in the past. I tee it up so that the top half of the ball is above the crown of the driver at address.
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Note: This thread is 5038 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Why does Rory struggle with consistency?
    • I would say it depends on how the 3W distance works with the length of the holes he is going to be playing. If there are par 4s around 430 for example I think he would be foolish not to carry a club that enabled him to get there in 2. Agree however that flexibility goes up drastically if not carrying putter and with the tournament several weeks away there is theoretically enough time to get comfortable with using a low lofted metalwood or bladed wedge. Really would be ideal to know the course to help strategize.
    • i would suggest a more lofted fairway wood or hybrid since a 3 wood needs a good lie to be hit off the fairway.  If you are in the rough or in a bad lie, then the 6 iron would be your only choice.  A 5 wood might be shorter but is more flexible and adaptable in the types of lies you can play it from.  The iron for me would be anything from a 6 to 8 iron depending on your comfort and distance.  The wedge you should consider whether you can play a slightly less lofted wedge, like a gap wedge maybe.  However, the less loft you have the more skill you need in playing different shots.  Hitting a sand wedge is easier but it does mean most of your shots around and close to the green will be high lofted shots. The putter is the one club where I question whether you truly need it.  If you can putt with something like the wood/hybrid in your bag, that gives you far greater options and flexibility.  However, it would need practice since we rarely putt with any other club. In my case a 4 club choice would be 4 hybrid, 7 iron, PW and SW/LW depending on course conditions.  I would putt with the hybrid and use that for most tee shots.  On my home course, there are maybe two holes where I couldn't reach a green in regulation with those clubs.   Essentially long par 4's where I need to hit driver off the tee.
    • Are the 512 replies to this topic about Rory being overrated or has this become a Rory Catch all topic? If the latter, the topic title should maybe reflect it. Good to see him win again. His first since 2019. 2020 wasn’t his best year and an up-and-down 2021 so far with missing the cut one week and being top 10 the next.  But that has been Rory all along and maybe what spurred this topic: his inconsistent performance. One week he’s hitting it as well as anyone has and the next he’s out of it and struggling. His talent is undeniable, but inconsistency is keeping him down.
    • I'm not an expert but the swing in the video seemed like you did not bring the upper body around quickly enough. Is it possible your focus on not firing the shoulder right away is causing too much lag there? Swing is about tempo so too slow can be an error just like too fast.  
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